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Last Chemo Treatment


I'm scheduled for my last treatment (6 total) this Wednesday for OC stage 1A high grade.

I can't begin to explain how all of this has affected mine and my family's lives. I tried being a trooper, being positive, etc but I find myself still weeping when no one is around and of course the worry of it coming back. I am however relieved that it's my last treatment.

I will see my Oncologist the following week for direction after chemo I think?

What can I expect after treatment? I know we are all different but can you share your experiences? Does the fatigue and neuropathy ever go away??

Thank you all and I wish you all best wishes.

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Dear mmont, Congratulations! I know how excited you must be! Be sure to celebrate at home, as your immune system is very delicate!

Don't waste your time or life worrying about recurrance. Your oncologist team will keep on top of your blood counts as a follow-up on your healing progress. It took about a year before I felt normal again. Also, there are many successful alternatives if recurrance happens.

Remember to exercise, lightly at first. Also, keep your diet healthy, and avoid soy and sugar, especially if your cancer was estrogen receptive.

If your doctor recommends Lynparza, I would highly recommend it! It has contributed to my remission.

I pray for your continued success in your remission, and feel free to ask any questions as your life journey continues!💖

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Thank you so much! I appreciate your response and for sharing your experience.


I agree with margiedolly. It has been 11 months since my last chemo and 9 months since surgery. I thought I would bounce back in a few months. But I am just now starting to feel like myself. So be patient with your recovery and take care of yourself.

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Thank you for sharing Charlieboy1975!



Hello and thank you so very much for the encouraging words and information! I really appreciate it.

Best wishes


Neuropathy supposedly goes away quite often I believe ... I haven't seen the stats. I have Stage 4 of something like uterine cancer that is like ovarian cancer. I took alpha lipoic acid and L-glutamine. I had one remission for somewhere between 7 and 10 months.

Fatigue... not sure, but maybe the exercise stuff and food and supplements help. I haven't had fatigue yet... after my first round of chemo in 2016, and I have been on Doxil, then carbo gemzar since around the fall of 2017.

I do all the alternative stuff, but I think maybe it's the exercise that helps the fatigue. I know it's hard, but for the first six months I would just take 20 minute walks once a day. That was enough I think. But now I take 4 dance classes a week and water aerobics. I lost 120 pounds (worked hard to do it) and now I feel better than before cancer, even though I am in chemo. I have had challenges, like a few weeks of queasiness that somehow went away. Cancer and healing meditation to audio from youtube helps. But it's always chemos aren't working very well, if you've seen any other posts.

I am happy to give you any additional info if you like. I saved all the info in files.


Thank you Carolleigh!


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