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FYI about my booster vaccine

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Hello ladies. I figure you may be interested in this experience. I hope it helps some of you as you weigh what to do.

My first two vaccines were Pfizer, the second of which was March 2021. I had no side effects.

During my recent appointment with my oncologist, she encouraged me to receive the booster. She’s good at explaining why immuno compromised patients like me — MBC in my bones - should pursue it.

Fortunately, it is accessible in Massachusetts. I went online for a regional pharmacy, answered basic questions, and scheduled the appointment within one week.

There was no line at the pharmacy, no muss, no fuss. The next day, I felt fatigued, achy, and a slight headache. Nothing terrible. I slept and took it easy.

The very next day, I felt well enough to enjoy a day trip to Cape Cod with a friend for a wonderful bike ride. I was still a bit tired so my e bike was wonderful near the end as I started to lose energy.

I am relieved to have it done. I will continue to exercise caution, and appreciative that I have this option.

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Good to know. And I have had both astraZeneca jabs. Now. So it feels good to be fully vaccinated. The process was similar for me. Good to be feeling safer.

Very happy to hear your experience with the booster… and the ride on cape cod.. I am in plumouth with my ebike.. always happy to ride! I was surprised when I talked to my oncologist they he “ doesn’t consider me immunocompromised” so I don’t need it. That was a surprise. But then I had the J&J so I don’t know if I could get a Pfizer booster?

I understand the confusion about immuno compromised. Since I’m on Ibrance and not active chemo or radiation, I wondered the same thing.

But my oncologist emphatically said since I am MBC, I am eligible.

Plus my WBC runs low. I went for it. I am not taking any chances.

didn’t need a doctor’s note to get the booster. . Just answered yes to the online question about my immunity status. It’s an honor system apparently.

About 5 summers ago, my niece and I took the ferry from Plymouth to Provincetown. No e bike then. The hill on the trails around the dunes and ocean and the heat about wore me out! We found a great open deck near the ferry for a delicious rum punch to compensate.

The islands around Plymouth Harbor are lovely. I did not know about them before the ferry ride.

I am also on Ibrance and faslodex injections, and had to take a break because my white count plummeted, and I developed mouth sores and a dry couch !! I had a mascetomy 11 years ago and cancer just came back in same site. Happens in .5 to 1% of patients according to my dr. Lucky me!! I also wondered about the booster, and will ask my Dr. Wed when I resume Ibrance at a lower dose

When I saw my oncologist last week she definitely wants me to get the 3rd booster shot too but is specific as to when . So I will be getting that in a few weeks on the day she wants. Both my previous vaccines were Moderna so that will also be my booster. I am happy yours went smoothly....I am expecting the same.


Hi!Had my third vaccine last Friday (Pfizer) and experienced exactly the same side effects as after my 2nd and your’s. Was in bed most of Saturday with aches and chills and by Monday fit again.

So glad I’ve had it and now hope to have as much immunity as healthier individuals.

I live in California and am a member of Kaiser, who is making this available first to their patients who are immunocompromised. So pleased to finally have it though have been told to continue to mask, keep distance from others outside my “bubble” when indoors and wash my hands frequently.

I’m on Ibrance and though I should have begun a new cycle the day of my vaccine, my oncologist told me to wait a week. I also waited until my white blood cells had returned to normal before having the vaccine.

Hope you all have the opportunity to receive your third. 🙏🏻❤️

Where are you in CA? I am in Santa Clara, CA.


Greetings fellow Californian! I’m in Napa, though actually at the northern coast currently. Good ocean air and less tourists.

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PJBinMI in reply to Red1246

I lived on Silverado Trail just north of Napa when I was 11-14 years old, still in touch with my best friend from those days. Way before the domestic wine industry took off--more plum orchards and dairy farms than grapes in those days. I loved living there and was so unhappy when we had to move for my dad's career! Such a beautiful area! I hope you are safe from all the wildfires and nasty air!

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Red1246 in reply to PJBinMI

I just sent you a message. Hope you can retire it. 🙂🙏🏻

I had my booster two days ago on Sept. 15. I feel exhausted, achy, and had a slightly elevated temperature yesterday--37.1 and in the evening 37.3. Took paracetamol and ate Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Today--third day--no fever, but still feel like I've been run over by a truck. No gym for me today! I hope this (stronger than my second shot) reaction means I'm really getting some protection (of course theories differ on this phenomenon) but I'll take a titer test in three weeks.

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Red1246 in reply to Melpub

What’s a Titer test? Does it allow you to see level of virus antibodies? Sorry you’ve felt so badly. I hear the worst case scenario is 3 days feeling like you describe. Take care of and hope you feel completely better soon. 🙏🏻

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Melpub in reply to Red1246

Yes, that's it--a measurement of the antibodies in your blood. Had one after the second and it measured an adequate (but not impressive) amount. If my current fatigued discombobulated weakness is anything to go by, the next test ought to show stellar defense.

In Germany, these tests are less than twenty euros, but have to be done in a doctor's office.

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Red1246 in reply to Melpub

So fortunate to be able to get one! The medical group who provides my care, Kaiser, doesn’t cover or authorize this. I had it done privately for $75 in a lab but the results were hard to interpret, even for a doctor friend. Hoping your defense system is now fully armed! 🙏🏻

My husband and I received our third Moderna vaccine yesterday. Arm a little sore at injection site like the first one but that is it so far. Glad we were able to get it behind us. 👍

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Red1246 in reply to Gingerann1

Is your husband also immunocompromised or did he have the 3rd because you are? It seems logical to us that our partners should have one as well without waiting, but we’ve been told he needs to wait until the general public is eligible. 🤷🏻So glad you’ll both have less risk now! 🙏🏻

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Gingerann1 in reply to Red1246

Thank you! He has COPD (never smoked but under that umbrella with adult onset asthma ) and is now 65 so I’m guessing he fits the category on his own. I’ve gone a little down hill as the day has gone on with body aches and tiredness but starting to pick back up again. No appetite so trying to figure out what to eat. I’m sure tomorrow I’ll start feeling a lot better.

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Red1246 in reply to Gingerann1

Got it. So glad your husband was able to have it with compromised lung function! I actually have that as well and we definitely don’t want Covid.

Funny but I too had a loss in appetite. Ended up having g some multigrain bread toasted with honey and a cup of tea; layer bits of an apple and some cheese. Lost a lb which I could easily spare.

Sounds like you’re on the road to recovery. 🙏🏻🙂

I am good to go for my 2nd shot Pfizer next week. So far numbers are good in Nova Scotia, Canada. Talk of booster but nothing yet.

I was seeing my Internist for my annual exam when she told me I could get my 3rd Moderna the same morning, in the same (hospital outpatient) building! I could have gotten my flu vaccine, too, but I was already tired and didn't want to push my system too hard. I can schedule that for another day. I'm glad I didn't get shots in both arms, because the injection site was sore last night and I had trouble sleeping.

When you get any injection in your upper arm, remember to RELAX the muscle, and it will slide right in!

I had the third shot as well. Pfizer for all three. No side effects, barely sore at injection site.

At my last onc visit, she told me to get my booster that week because I had just started back on my Ibrance. My numbers were good. Easy to make appointment at local pharmacy. I got the Moderna and didn't feel well for a week, just like when I get my second shot.Well worth it for the added protection from Covid.

I've had the 3rd booster (Moderna) and actually had less side effects than the first 2. I will say that the onset of the nausea came 24 hours after the jab. The first two shots were in the middle of my Ibrance cycle and I was in bed for 2 days. I was in the off week of my Ibrance for #3 and I think I faired better. My oncologist told me to get it when I could. It was easy to schedule through CVS and I had an appointment within a week. It could have been earlier, but I really wanted to take it during the off week. Good luck and God bless everyone.

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Gingerann1 in reply to morty87

My 3rd Moderna was at the start of my off week of Ibrance yesterday. It has been a tough week after my scans on Monday, bloodwork and Faslodex shots on Tuesday and this on Thursday. Wish I had waited a little longer between. Hard to get the timing right on everything but glad it’s done.

I haven't found a place to get my Pfizer booster, got first two shots in Jan and Feb. Have been looking for a place to do it but so far, no luck at all!

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13plus in reply to PJBinMI

That’s frustrating! Which State are you in again?

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PJBinMI in reply to 13plus

rural Michigan. Bu t I really appreciate all the booster notes here! I called the pharmacy where I buy most of my meds and they told me I could sign up and make an appt for the Pfizer booster on their website. So I am now boostered! And got to meet the new pharmacist and chat with him for a bit.

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13plus in reply to PJBinMI

Yay! That’s great!

I scheduled my booster via the CVS website FYI.

Great. I've got to wait til end of October. I had astro zeneca first time round. But I have my flu jab tomorrow! Fingers crossed we are all able to have it with no reaction. Are you on ibrance and if so did you have during your week off?

Yes, I’m on Ibrance. I got the booster during my third week on.

That's interesting. I was told last time to have on week off, which is why I had to wait. Perhaps I won't worry this time !

I had my #3 Moderne as soon as I found out I could get it. First two shots not so bad, perhaps laid in bed for most of day not feeling myself. This time I was laid up hard for a day and took another day or two to recover my strength . Flu- type aches, SLEPT and slept and slept! Later in the day nausea and headache (which always makes me vomit when I get those 2 things together) . I felt SO drained. I guess it worked this time!

I had a bit more of a reaction to the booster than to first two doses of Pfizer vaccine. That seems to be normal for everyone who gets the booster, and is a good sign that the immune system is kicking in.

I was surprised I qualified, but all I had to do was say that I have "active cancer." Oncologist encouraged it. She said that Ibrance compromises immune system -- but I have been off it for four months. It may mean that I did not get as much immunity from the first two doses, however.

Then I got my flu shot. Immunized to the teeth!

Thanks for that information. Helpful to make my decision.

I am so glad you got out on your bike, I think it is good to exercise gently after a jab. I don’t know why, that’s my personal opinion, but us Physios believe a bit too much in exercise!!I have just booked my booster through work and will be having it next weekend. I have just received a text saying anyone on immunosuppressive meds have to check with their Dr on timing of next dose of vaccine. I never had to do that before. Oh well, hopefully it will just be a phone call.

Hope you remain feeling well


I had exactly the same experience near Chicago easy to get, walked into a pharmacy and tell them you want it, I also got Pfizer. And I also got pretty serious fatigue though and mild headaches on and off for two or three days but that was it I am now fully vaccinated with three vaccines or a booster however you want to say it.

👍 So happy you got the vaccine, and that you had your E-bike to get you home when you started to feel tired.😇

Follow up - The aches are gone but the fatigue remains. I attribute this to the fact that my WBC runs low anyway, and that I got the booster with 10 days to go my 3 weeks on/1 week off cycle.

Another poster said her doctor recommended taking the booster during the off week. Based on my experience, that sounds wise.

My off cycle week starts Tuesday so I expect to see improvement.


Thanks so much for the update. My oncologist has been insistent with me that I get the vaccine on my week off as she did with the previous two. Well with the first one she asked me to take an extra week off the Ibrance so my body would mount a robust response. I told her that I wasn't changing my schedule with the second one so for that one I did it on my week off and will do the same with the booster. My neutrophils and WBC are generally not low but she still said it was important to do on week off. Hope you feel like yourself again real soon. Take care.


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