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App For Metastatic Breast Cancer: My MBC & Me


SHARE is thrilled to announce the launch of My MBC & Me, our first-ever mobile iOS app, created just for people living with metastatic breast cancer! My MBC & Me has powerful tools to help people communicate more effectively with their doctors to make the treatment decisions that are right for them. Download from the App Store today:

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Sounds interesting. Can you tell us more about how it works though?

Interesting! Tell us more!


Hi 13plus and mariootsi! There are a couple of key features to the app:

•My Story: Reflect on your needs and help your doctors understand your life as a whole

•My Schedule (a calendar): See your appointments, treatments and symptoms by month

•My Notes: Identify treatment goals, log research and questions, and attach them to your appointments in the calendar so you never forget something you want to discuss

•My Treatments: See your medications and side effects so you can more accurately report them to your doctor

The best way to see how it works is to give it a download and play around with it a bit. Let me if you have any issues!



When will it be available for android?

Is your private health information collected or used in any way? Concerning that the program may be collecting data that users are unaware of.

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Thank you for your question! We understand that this is a concern for you and many others, so we want you to know that none of the data you enter is collected or used in any way.


Hi Crandallcarr & and ndastrogal! As of right now the app is only available for iPhone users, but we hope to expand to Android in the future!

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