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Bone biopsy

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I had bone Biopsy CT guided on August 2018 the cancer site was so tiny that the result was negative but the radiologist said that it was so tiny that will be very difficult to get the right specimen and when comes negative does not mean that there is no cancer and the other option was that to have an open biopsy under general anesthesia so I opted not to do it

Now my cancer progress and I am going to have another biopsy my site size is 7mm

Which was your experience having a bone biopsy?

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Hi plasm, I had the same issue! My mbc is on my neck and I didn’t do biopsy because of the location and they told me exact the same thing! Since then, I did radiation and now I am on second round of IBRANCE and also I am on xgeva and faslodex! I still have to wear collar! I will do MRI at the end of this month to find out what is going on! Have you started treatment or waiting for the result of biopsy? Where is the location of your cancer? I wish you fast and easy recovery.


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Thanks for answering my question and I hope your treatment works for a long time, My bone cancer is my hips and trochanter of my femur, I had in other places but is better on those sites, I am on Ibrance and Falsodex and I am on this treatment for 16 months but now that shows new sites I will have a biopsy and then switch my treatment, I am waiting for the insurance approval thanks

Hi, Plasem, I also had CT guided biopsy after T6 compression fracture. First biopsy negative but was repeated with kyphoplasty and they found estrogen. Had 10 radiation treatments and have been on Ibrance/Aromasin since September. Just added Xgeva last oncologist visit.

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Thanks for answering my question and I wish you the best and that your treatment last for a long time God bless you

I had a CT guided bone biopsy on my sacrum. I wasn't completely out but had a nice "buzz". The site was very small but combined with the results of my bone, ct scan and tumor markers my oncologist diagnosed me with MBC in March of 2018. Since that time my treatment consists of: Lupron (to shut down my ovaries), Letrozole, Ibrance and Desnosumab. Thankfully, I've been responding well. My tumor markers are now at 14 and my latest bone scan shows that my tumors are shrinking.

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That is really good, It is great It happened to me when I was diagnosed the pathology of bone biopsy came negative and I started my treatment and it was working till now so you know the pathology of your cancer can change and maybe I could get good results and it tells us what is the correct treatment to follow thanks for answering God bless you

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How long do you have to wait for insurance approval? With your dx I think it’s awful that you have to wait. Hopefully, when it’s approved the doctors will be able to tell from the new tissue sample what course of treatment is best for you. Sending ❤️

Luckily it was not too long, It is approved and I will have it soon, hopefully they could get a good specimen thanks God bless you

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