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MATCH trial and Caris molecular intelligence results

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Hi all,

Productive appointment today. The molecular results came back yesterday - early. It found 5 specific mutations and 2 have trials now. The one mutation qualified me for Tapur trial. The second was MATCH trial. This is new approach targeting mutation rather than cancer. I read success with larotrectinib in curing cancer. It had been given to a 7 year old w a huge tumor that was going to require her arm amputated. They treated the mutation and her tumor was gone in 7 days! That’s not the drug I’ll be taking but the approach is same. It could be one used for lung, kidney, etc. I’ll start the prequisite testing for trial — cross your fingers, pray, dance...positive vibes.

So, no more faslodex because they don’t think it will work anyway for me (did 4 shots for 1 month). No more zolodex because I don’t have to be in menopause. Just had the xgeva today. Doctor told me to keep positive.


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This is such good news! Sending ♥️

Wow! This IS exciting. Dancing happy dances for you!

Wow! Amazing. So happy for you. Best of luck. Love, Marianne

Wonderful news! I have my fingers and toes crossed that you get great results.


Great news!!! I hope this is your cure! 🙏🏻

Sounds promising..good luck

Barb xx

Hi Snowcone,

This sounds great! I hope that the trial will cure you. Please let us know how you are doing and all the best as you move forward!

Take care,

Sophie x

Prayers and good wishes for you And cone. Blessings, Hannah

FANTASTIC! Please keep us posted.

That's great that you have a chance for something new and promising. Crossing fingers that you get into the trial you want and that you get fantastic results!

This is very exciting news! Was this tumor sequensing that you had done? If so where did they take the sample?

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Snowcone16 in reply to blms

Yes, it was tumor sequencing. Sample was taken from my liver.

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blms in reply to Snowcone16

That is awesome. You are the first I have spoken to that got this done!! I am excited to follow you with this. I was told last fall, 2017 that I should do that if my cancer spread. Did you have this done in Philly? Are you part of a study or how much did you have to pay?

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Snowcone16 in reply to blms

This was covered by insurance. Dr indicated “it’s no problem getting insurance to cover this”. He said Medicare covered it too. After the testing, you get a report that says all trials you are qualified. There were 2 chemo trials and 81 😯 targeted trials. The trial requires it’s done to participate. I think as part of trial, they may run it again after treatment. ❤️

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blms in reply to Snowcone16

This is very exciting! I am so glad you had it done. Although I am not looking forward to BC spread, I will be positive about getting this done! So what is your next step? Amazed Medicare will cover!!

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Snowcone16 in reply to blms

I’ll start in next 30 days. Labs, scans, ekg, eye exam required before start.

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Snowcone16 in reply to blms

Fox Chase collected sample. Sent it to Phoenix for analysis.

So happy for you❤️👍

Congratulations and many thanks for helping to blaze a trail for new medical MBC future treatments.

Sending prayers and Love,


Please keep us posted!! Fingers crossed, God bless you

Well done! Have everything crossed for you! Please let us know how you get on.

It sounds like this was like the DNA Foundation One testing I had done. My test she'd weak response for Ibrance which I have tried but had growth of mets on. Marched strongly with Afinitor which I am now on but holding due to very low blood counts. It appears that I will have to pay for testAment insurance won't cover it. Did your insurance cover it ?

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Snowcone16 in reply to Burgerde

Testing sounds like foundation one. The gene they identified FGFR1 w mutation makes the tumor resistant to hormone therapies. The irony considering it’s hormone positive! I’m glad you got afinitor to work after Ibrance fail. I wasn’t so lucky.

I had mentioned to dr “do we have to wait for insurance approval?” Dr said this was pretty standard and insurance including Medicare cover it.

My trial will retest molecular profile later.

Snowcone16, Great News! It sounds like you have a great team behind you. Keep following your intuition have so much more knowledge now for the targeted therapy. They will find the right one just for you. 🤞🙏💃❤️❤️❤️

I hope they also find the right drug for you ! My oncologist told me this is my last drug option. After this she’s pretty much out of options. This is my 7th drug protocol after finishing 3 months IV Taxol.

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Snowcone16 in reply to Burgerde

Have you looked into trials? I know I’ve exhausted all hormone meds so far plus this mutation makes me hormone resistant.

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