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Magestrol acetate

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Has anyone had experience with this drug? It’s progesterone based. I was just switched to it as the Ibrance/ faslodex stopped working ( over the year it had shrunk all 8 tumors) yet now have 3 new tumors in spine.

Also started radiation again( SABRT) it’s very targeted and strong so only get zapped 3 days a week so body can recover before next zap.

In the sense of humor side - I have to be in a set up that will keep me completely still during 20 minute zapping - it’s a form fitted thing to lay on then the air is sucked out of it - like a shrink wrapped canoe 😂. I equate it more to the black leather pants Sandy wore in Grease - only they are compression black leather pants 😂😂

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Hi Kabe - You bring up two interesting treatments...First, the the Megastrol Acetate, gosh, I googled it and it seems to be an appetite stimulant? Is it used also for MBC? If you've been on it, what/how is it doing?

I'm also keenly interested in the radiation therapy you describe...I've asked a couple of times about radiation for my bones mets and have been told it's not an option. I think one reason is that I have too many tumors and also the doc explained that radiation to bones reduces the body's ability to produce WBC's and super low counts would prevent me from doing other pharmaceutical treatments...

Are you in the U.S. or elsewhere? I had read about radiation for bone mets being used more widely in Germany, I believe...

I hope you're doing well....Lynn

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Kabe in reply to LynnFish

The other type is SBRT ( stereostatic ablation body radiation therapy- SABRT in radiation lingo). The beam is locked in on tumor and dose is very very strong - so strong it is done every other day ( Monday Wednesday Friday ) to give the body a break in between zap zaps🤪 each session takes about 15-20 minutes. I was also switched to Megace( yes used as appetite enhancer for anorexic patients- only info other than had been used for MBC but never any further explanation!)

Move forward to January 2019 - radiologist shared no more radiation possible w/o compromising bone strength

My treatment was transferred to the MAYO clinic in Rochester MN ( 2 1/2 hours south of my home- I am in MN)

Taken off Megace ( not doing anything to stop spread of cancer showed by PET scan) and it was an old medicine.

T7 tumor was pressing on spinal cord - since it had been only radiated once before ( external beam radiation) it was decided they could do the SBRT radiation)

Came with risk of compromising spinal cord putting me in a wheel chair - not doing anything would do the same - not much of a choice. It did shrink that tumor away from spinal cord however not before fracturing the vertebrae. Next week I’ll be having ablation/ vertebrae plasty procedure hoping to reduce ( alleviate) pain.

As for your doctors saying it’s not possible for radiation every case is different- a second opinion is an option . If I had stayed with first dr I would have been doing chemo as the next treatment- now although it still could be in the future - it’s been pushed down the road

My radiation oncologist is connected with the University if MN - he has been part of teams to research/ development of advanced radiation treatment for brain cancers) - he is the one who referred me to the MAYO

My oncologist although he was very aggressive when I was first dx in 2011 I just didn’t feel he was that aggressive now - and I have a lot of living to do - as you do

Sorry for the book but I was surprised to get any inquiries on the magace

Hope this can help ??

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LynnFish in reply to Kabe

Yes, very for thought, for sure! Thanks, Kabe! Lynn

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