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I recently joined this community and am finding it helps especially in not feeling alone with mbc.

I was originally diagnosed with stage 3 invasive ductal bc in 2003 (at 38). Now in March 2018, some 15 years later I stumble upon nodules in my lungs after having a cold/cough. Found more nodules with CT scan and after a VATS biopsy found cancerous cells in pleural cavity too.

Since May I have been on Ibrance 100mg (was lowered from 125mg) and letrozole. Managing ok but having difficulty with sleep, weight gain and constipation ! Anyone else experience these??

Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences.

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Hi Onie,

I’ve only been on her a month, it’s comforting to hear from women in the same boat.

I too have the difficulty sleeping but I read somewhere to expect that when first diagnosed.

When I can’t sleep I listen to The Tonight Show on my phone (on demand)and I’m usually out by the first guest 😚

I keep trying to convince myself that my appetite has decreased but with all this holiday food around ... I know I need to get the sugar way down.

As for the constipation, I have the opposite problem. So you reminded me it could be worse 😅

Hope it gets better for you soon.

Hi Onie. I am sorry to hear about the new nodules that have appeared. Remember that you are strong! You are if you have been managing this disease since you were 38! Symptoms. Ergh. Yes. Different for everyone, but I do believe drinking a lot of water and moving - walking - a lot helps! Especially with constipation and stiffness! It is hard to say if our symptoms are just med or disease related. We are not getting younger. As we age we will naturally feel more stiffness. Weight gain - our metabolism slows down as we age and as our hormones change. Keep the faith. I think of cancer as a chronic disease as so many people are living with it. It is horrible, but we are here and there are a variety of meds out there that can help us manage our conditions. In the meantime increase your water intake and move a bit more! I hope it helps you.

Welcome! This site is a life saver. To not feel alone on this trip! Talk to your onc about side effects or get a palliative care doc. Mine perscribed trulance for constipation and remeron for sleep. It is an anti anxiety drug and an appetite stimulant as my problem was no appetite. But now I'm gaining weight also. I bought a treadmill to keep moving even though I really don't feel like moving! I wish you well. It certainly is a rollercoaster. But we are on the ride together thank God.

Hi Onie,

Welcome to this site. It is an encouraging place to be where we can discuss issues that only others with metastatic breast cancer could understand. I'm not on Ibrance, so can't comment on that. But I would mention the weight gain, constipation and trouble sleeping with your oncologist and see what they can prescribe to help ease your symptoms. I had trouble sleeping and I lost my appetite when I was first diagnosed earlier this year too. When I mentioned it to my GP, she said it's common when you have just been diagnosed. My appetite and sleep pattern improved. Or there may be some dietary changes you can make to help ease the constipation. Can you add more fibre to your diet and drink more water? Exercise can help too if you can manage it.

Take care,

Sophie x

Hi Onie and fellow Canadian. Welcome to the board and so sorry that you need to be here. My story is different from yours but we all face similar/same struggles as we deal with this disease. I was diagnosed in May 2018 stage 4 with extensive bone mets as my first time diagnosis. It certainly changes our worlds as we used to know it and yes the loneliness with this disease is real. I think we all feel when we are first diagnosed that we are the only one. Then you find a wonderful supportive group of ladies here and realize you are not alone. May you have many months/years on your current treatment plan(mine is the same). Take care.


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Hi Sandra

Fellow Canadian! I’m actually sitting in the CT scan waiting room after having my IV put in and just finished the 2 disgusting drinks they give you 😝!

Hang in there as well, tough being diagnosed with stage 4 right off the bat. Felt probably just as bad after 15 years, you think you’ve managed to dodge it after the first dx in 2003 at stage 3.

Good luck with the treatments.

Btw I’m in Ontario.


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girlsptz in reply to Onie54

Thank you Susie. I have my CT tomorrow. I don't do the oral contrast though so it's usually quite quick. Yes it was definitely a shock and for months I keep hoping I would wake up one morning and it would have been a bad nightmare. Sadly that was not the case.

I'm from Alberta. Fingers crossed for both of us to get good scan results. Take care.


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