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Take 4 week one

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December 2017 was diagnosed with Mets in several areas( NED since 2012) Dr took me off IBRANCE/ faslodex protocol( which shrunk all 8 original)tumors but is no longer effective and now have new tumors in T2,T9 and L4 and switched to Megesterole acetate and more radiation

Does anyone have experience with this drug for Mets? It is a really old drug I guess.

If / when this treatment stops working it may likely be chemo) 😕

SBRT pinpoint radiation is the kind I start this week - any advice on this strong type of radiation?

I am at peace with the cancer - don’t like how it’s affecting the kids ( all grown with kids of own) yet my youngest daughter told me just concentrate at taking care if myself and not worry about them ( the 8 of them support each other)

I read something on here this morning that is a good philosophy “live live live your life- the one they are trying to prolong “ go out, have some wine, talk to someone about thoughts, enjoy your new normal and make the best of every day ( I can and I will if I want to😂)

Thanks for letting me share

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When you are a mom , you are always a mom. It does not matter how old your children are. They always gave your hear and you always want them safe, healthy and happy. Emotional pain is not part of that hope. I share your difficulty. Of course we try our best to enjoy everything all the time. And I hate when meaningful others tell us to live each day to our fullest.! Like we are trying NOT to do that???

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I do think sometimes we get so caught up in our treatments and numbers that we forget to appreciate each moment we are healthy. Sometimes I like to take a month off from bloodwork and office visits if I can

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I do same with my drugs when my body tells me enough for time being

Kabe, on the plus side, sounds like your iBrance/Faslodex protocol was effective a long time. That indicates your cancer is responsive to these types of therapies, of which there are a number of options now. If you are not reassured about the alternative your doc suggests now, you can consider a second opinion, which may offer other options...or just make you feel more confident. A pain, I know, but worth it I think.

Best of luck with new treatment. Wonderful to have kids for support. Hugs and love for good outcome.

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