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Migraines with Faslodex?

Hi All,

I have been taking a combination therapy of Ibrance (100mg), Aromasin since 4/16 and had Faslodex shots added in April of 2018 because of some new spots found. Stage 4 with Bone Mets only so far.

For the past 2 months I have been having what the eye doctor and primary care doc decided are Ocular Migraines. I get a blind spot in the lower right corner of my right eye. It progressively got more and more frequent but I suffered no pain or headache-just annoying really.

Unfortunately, these things now occur daily and the aura with headache are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I feel like I’m in some weird fog? Saw my onc on Thursday and he prescribed Rizatriptan to take to see if it cures this migraine that I’ve had for coming up on 2 weeks now.

Do any of you also suffer from these migraines as a result of all the hormone suppressing drugs we take?

Do any of you take this new migraine drug?

Just curious if this is a common symptom or if I should be concerned about a brain tumor.

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Nit sure it would help at all in your circumstance but Himalayan salt in glass if water works great for migraines

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I have been getting numerous migraines with Ibrance. My doc said it was normal to have headaches.

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I'm not a doctor but am a long time metster and have learned everything I can about mbc and I have never heard of taking Faslodex and an AI (like Aromasin) at the same time. Maybe it's something new, but I would want to get a second opinion about it, preferably from a bc specialist onc. In the US, the top treatment facilities are those designated "Comprehensive Cancer Centers" and they have specialized oncs who treat on bc and who both do research and see patients. It used to be fairly easy to go to the website of the National Institutes of Health to find a list of those CCCs, but the last few times I've been on that website, it has been harder to find. I was able to get an appt at the CCC closest to me within under two weeks. If you happen to have lobular bc rather than the more common ductal bc, it has been known to show up in various lining tissues, including the lining of the eye socket. I would wonder about that long before wondering about a brain met. But this is all stuff to talk with your onc about.

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I have just started Faslodex and feel an weird headache like foggy brain I hope it goes away, take care


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