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Amazing Hair


I was so discouraged with my dry lifeless hair after being on Letrizole and Ibrance for just a short time. One of you dear women recommended Morrocooil and I promptly ordered some from the company 's website. I'm thrilled beyond words what this has done for my hair. I'm sorry I dont remember who recommended it but I am forever grateful. Thank you!


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I’m going to try it. My hair is beat

Gram10 in reply to nstonerocks

Hope it works as well for you.


Mine is dry as well and falling out, it’s slowing down, but still it’s scary every time I comb it, more falls out. Is yours falling out? If so did the Moroccan oil help this as well? When do you put the oil on?

Gram10 in reply to Juliandrea

No, I haven't seen any hair loss yet just the dryness.


AlannaN in reply to Juliandrea

My hair fell out for the first three months of Ibrance. It stopped and I started taking Biotin 10,000 mcg's a day. My hair is growing back now.

Gram10 in reply to AlannaN

Thank you. I'll give biotin a try


Juliandrea in reply to AlannaN

Thank you so much for letting me know. I have been waiting for something I can try . I will try it for sure, and happy to hear it’s worked for you. How long have you been on ibrance and when were you diagnosed?

Hi Gram10,

I'm glad it's worked for you. I use coconut oil for my hair, which gives it a healthy glow. I have very thick, naturally curly hair and I was expecting it to thin after starting Letrozole, but it doesn't seen to have made any difference to my hair. I suppose we are all different.

Take care,

Sophie x

Gram10 in reply to SophSP

I had used coconut oil but it didn't help. I'm a big fan of oconut oil and milk. I used to have a beautiful black cat with bad dander. I added a little bit of coconut oil to her food every day. The dander totally went away.


SophSP in reply to Gram10

Hi Patricia,

It's a shame that coconut oil did not work too well on your hair. But that's good news about your cat!


Good morning Patricia,

Can you tell me which brand you bought as my hair has thinned so much and does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon!

On a better note my CT scan was better than I dared hope for, so I have to embrace that.

Love to all of you warriors.


Gram10 in reply to Sandig1948

It is called Morrocanoil. One word. I went to the company's website and ordered it straight from them. I had gone to Amazon and read bad reviews about the Morrocanoil sold by them. Seems they weren't the official oil but fakes.

Good news on your CT scan!


Sandig1948 in reply to Gram10

Thank you for that very good piece of informationI will order it now.

Gigi x


It was me!!

It’s brilliant hair resembled straw before morrocan oil

Barb xx

Did it help with the thinning?


Mines not really thinned (yet!!) so I don’t know

Barb xx

blms in reply to Crazydentist

What brand? Can I order on amazon! I don’t want to buy am inferior brand that sounds right.

Crazydentist in reply to blms


It’s on Amazon and it’s called morrocan the picture it’s in a turquoise box with a capital M on the front

There’s cheaper brands but not even tried them..I always think you get what you pay for!

Barb xx

blms in reply to Crazydentist


Gram10 in reply to Crazydentist

Thank you for recommending this oil. I saw a difference in my straw hair after one use. I use it after towel drying my hair and when I dont shampoo, I just rub it on dry hair and comb it through. Super soft and shiny. Love it!


Can you say how you use it? Thanks

Gram10 in reply to Purple60

I rub a small amount through my hair after shampooing and comb through. Then I rub a very small amount on the dry ends between shampoos.

I agree

I don't know about thinning as I haven't noticed any hair loss. I do massage a little on my scalp so maybe it has helped.


That’s great to hear! My hair thinned really bad. After being on the drug combo for a year and trying different stuff to strengthen it and make it grow, I now hope that not being on the meds (Dr switched me) will help me out. Fingers crossed!

Juliandrea in reply to marianab

Marianab, what med do they have you on now? I hope the hair improves for you, mine is falling by the handful every time I wash it. Although it’s not as bad as other side effects, I can’t help but feel so sad, it reminds me of this dreadful disease every time it happens. That dose of reality is devastating every time. Have to try the Moroccan oil to see if it helps

marianab in reply to Juliandrea

I’m on Lynparza. After my PET scan it showed the letrozole/ibrance combo wasn’t working anymore. I totally understand about the subtle reminders we experience living with MBC. The hair falling out takes me back to my original diagnosis. I try to keep pushing forward and sounds like you do too! We got this!!


I didn't have any hair loss on Ibrance and Letrozole. Due to a little uptick in activity, I was switched to Paclitaxel a month ago, and just this week, my hair has started coming out by the fist full. Thankfully, any other side effects have been very manageable. Looks like I'm off to the wig store! Continued good thoughts and prayers for everyone on the site.

RLN-overcomer in reply to Hidden

Greetings: Sister/Warrior Yesssssssssssssss I truly thank GOD for Beauty supply stores. When a women looks good, she feels good, and she exudes a level of confidence. Honestly I don't have time to beautify my hair, which would take me 3-4 hours minimum to, wash, condition, roller set, and then style, to my liking. Add perming, cutting and now having to color my grey patches to the list, p-l-e-a-s-e I would never get out of my house. Nooooooooooooooo thank-you.

In the pass I was a beauty parlor in my own right, I was perming, shampooing, conditioning, coloring, cutting and styling my closest relatives hair, and my own. Now I make my own synthetic wigs, or I purchase cheap synthetic wigs, and cut them to the styles I like. Lady go get your, preferably good quality synthetic wig(s). You can have any color ,texture, or style you want, without damaging your natural hair. You may want to have a short pixie one day, and a long style the next, or something in between. Weaves won't give you the diversity wigs will give you. I thank God that where I live there are lots of beauty supply stores ,which keeps the prices low. If you bring a picture of what you want to the beauty supply store, the usually female worker will cut the wig to your liking for an additional $5 or a tip from you. Their are hairdressers/barbers that you can also bring the wig to who will cut, and customize your wig.

I have around 12 different colored, and textured wigs that I can wear for a diversity of occasions. Ladies God knows inner beauty is priority always . Looking good is half the battle of feeling good. Okay I am a bit of a fashionista. I don't venture out of my house without a wig, and lashes. Forgive me, but I know we all battle with some level of vanity. I hope this information has helped you, and our other sister/warriors God bless you all XoXoXoX

This must vary alot. My hair got thicker and changed from wavy to curly while I was on Femara and for most of the time I was on Faslodex. I've used the Morocco oil shampoo and conditioner and like those, too. I also read someplace that the oil treatments marketed to Africian American women are good for any one with dry hair and I found an oil treatment that I like alot. It's one that is left in the hair for half an hour after shampooing and then rinsed out. I use it about once a month and it has made my hair less dry. (My skin and hair have always been on the dry side...great as a teen when I didn't get pimples but not so great now that I'm in my 70s!)


I have been using a product from the Body Shop with oils and it is great for keeping my hair moisturized. I seem to be developing some curl in my hair after my radiation or from my meds. Haven’t had any curls since I was a toddler.

I have noticed a dryness developing since starting Letrozole last January. I switched to using a henna product for color (a healthier choice)which at first seemed to add gloss but eventually the dry look developed.

So with my last wash & conditioner I add a bit of coconut oil to the products and see a shine to my hair once again. I have always had very thick hair so the hair loss has not been so noticable.

Also, when you rinse out the conditioner... use cool/cold water so the oil doesn't get washed away!!!

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