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Moved up scans


I was diagnosed w MBC at 46 yo January 30. This was after BC cells were found on my Pap smear. I was having irregular spotting. Started zolodex to put me into menopause in February. I started xgeva, Ibrance and letrozole in April. My regular oncologist must be on vacation because she wasn’t there at my 90 day Ibrance follow up. The fill in onco said we would scan in October. I was fine w waiting. I want to see great results and not hear “too soon to tell”.

Anyway, for two weeks I’ve had a painful spot on my ribs. Even hurts to sleep on my right side. This is my surgery and radiation side as well. So, I let the onco know and he agreed to do scans August 27.

What else could it be? Radiation tenderness 22 months after? It’s always been tight on that side since. Is it my cold—was coughing and maybe constocondritis in that spot on right? It’s like a 2x2 spot. Doesn’t hurt to walk or talk. Just hurts w pressure applied. Is it xgeva? I googled some indicating xgeva made their previous bone wounds more sensitive.

But I also don’t like the look of my scalp met. It’s a scab after March biopsy. Hasn’t gone away or reduced. My hope is it’s only a non-cancerous growth at this point. And no more cervical bleeds...thank God

I know I have to have faith. Trust in God.


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Hi Snowcone

After just going thru scans and getting the results I hear you! I also have tenderpoints on ribs and an awful pain when I lie or turn in bed in my left hip. I was sure there must be Mets but nope. I am on Ibrance and letrozole so maybe it’s the letrozole? My bone scan is clean. Where I had rt breast radiation the muscles seem tighter and sensitive. And let’s not talk about my left breast pain and rt breast discomfort at surgical site. I was practically on tip toes during my mammo the other day. I’ve had so many scans and only the existing lesions in lungs show up. It’s hard not to let your mind run amok. But I’m hoping that your aches and pains are like mine — no pathology but probably side affects of treatment. Sending a hug and good energy. ❤️

Good luck with the scan. Please keep us posted. Fingers are crossed for you.

I'm so sorry. My cancer is widespread in my bones. Spine, ribs, shoulder bones and front of hips. Originally diagnosed in 2013. Was stage 4 a year before they found out in July 2017. I was on Femara. They put me on Ibrance, Faslodex and Xgeva. Was on it almost 6 months but cancer was worse. It helps a lot of people. I don't want to be negative. You don't need that. My oncologist did a gene study and said the best thing for me would be Affinitor and Aromasin. Been on it 6 months and scan showed no spreading. I am in pain. Mostly my ribs because all are filled with cancer. I have been fortunate that I've not had to go off because of counts and I've been on these for a year now. I will be keeping you in my prayers.

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Thank you for the prayers. I’m glad that they found an alternative to Ibrance that is working for you. 🌸

Bless you, Snowcone!

My mets were primarily in spine with one in pelvic bone. I still have aches in my back that I know are the result of the damage there. I have reached the point where I take a couple of Tylenol when I get up in the morning and a couple when I go to bed. I had ten rounds of radiation to my spine so there's that, too!

Will pray for good results for you next month!

XO Linda in Seattle

Thank you for the prayers and blessings ❤️ Bless you too!

Constocondritis is very painful - took my breath away - and it hit me one day after doing an exercise I found on the Internet. He was a chiropractor demoing this exercise to improve posture. The pain was sharp and in a very small area and only hurt when I moved a certain way. It went away gradually over a month - Tylenol helped. Good luck with your August scans. Praying for good scans for you Snowcone!

I Am so very sorry this is happening to you!! I love your posturing and research.

I will say that I have had a few different times in past that I was convinced with fear and the anxiety that goes along with this disease, but each pain turned out to be something other than cancer. I will Keep you in my thoughts and prayers and we will keep the communication going!!

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