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No longer triple negative

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Hi, it’s been a while since I have posted but I had some news to share. My doctor thought I might be estrogen positive so he had me do a liver biopsy. And low and behold he was right. So I started verenzio and falsodex just recently. I have a lot more options now. I have been through 5 chemos in a little less than 2 years. I was estrogen positive my first two diagnoses. I hope and pray this new turn of events gives me positive results.

Verenzio is also know to cross the brain barrier and I have had brain mets twice! Once treated with cyberknife and one with whole brain radiation.

I hope everyone is doing well and had an enjoyable 4th!

I pray for my sisters and brothers with metastatic cancer.

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So happy to hear your good news. Sounds like you have been through a lot. Hope the new treatment shows good results!!!!

Thank you Jerseygirl! 😍

Excellent to hear that your options have expanded. Good thought on your doctor's part to do a biopsy because we never know what can happen! Best always, Joan

Thank you, Joan. He is a smart oncologist.

Good luck!!

Thank you.

Such good news Barbara. When you started the chemotherapy 2 years ago, had they done a liver biopsy and determined you were triple negative?

No, I’m pretty sure it was my lymph nodes they biopsied and I had a bit of estrogen but not enough to use receptor medicine. I did have a liver biopsy a year ago and it was tn. I had another liver biopsy a few weeks ago and it was estrogen positive.

Barbara your change in receptor status from e+ to tn and back to e+ shows how unpredictable cancer can be. Wishing you well now you have more options!

This is very good news. Happy to hear it.

Barbara, I am in a similar situation with estrogen recently being found in a bone biopsy after being treated as tnbc from a previous liver biopsy. My estrogen level is less than 20%. Did your doctor tell you how much estrogen they had to find before you could be a candidate for hormonal therapy? Thank you for your help. Judy

Hi Barbara

Was reading through old posts and wondering how you are doing? What treatment did you end up with?

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