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Good news


I think it's important to share positive news. So, just now, I got a call from Pfizer. Since it was a number I didn't recognize I almost didn't answer. I've been approved from free ibrance. I just make it under the income wire. Since we all need as much hope and good news as possible, I'm sending it along to encourage others to pursue all options as there are positive outcomes in so many aspects of this journey.

Relieved and hopeful,


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Hi Becky

I’ve just started Ibrance and appears to be very effective for a long time so fingers crossed we’ll benefit from this drug combination

Barbteeth in reply to Barbteeth

I’m interested in what you define as a long time..

Happy for you Becky ! I am in the UK so am fortunate to get Ibrance on the NHS ! I have been on it 7 months now and so far so good , with tolerable side effects . Hoping it works well for you too . x

That’s really a good news. A big cost savings to think Ibrance is so expensive . Where are you from? Me. I’m from the Philippines, it’s not yet available here , I still buy my Ibrance in Singapore the nearest place, very costly. I’m on my 4th cycle already with Faslodex or fulvestrant injection.

I live in Maine in the USA

That is good news!

Great news Becky! I’m on ibrance and Letrozole as well. I just began my second round and am doing very well on this combination. We should drink lots of water during the day and get lots of exercise. Best of luck to you on your treatment plan!

Nice! I just retired and switched insurance providers. I thought I was going to pay out of pocket $2,700 (new Ins Dedct) for my June (Cycle 16) refill of Ibrance. Since I have an Ibrance copay card, Pfizer picked up the whole dedct. Zero our to pocket....Winning! Previously, the Pfizer copay card was picking up my $100 copay.

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That is wonderful! I live in NC and just recently was approved by Pfizer as well. Wasn't sure what I would do if I had to pay that large co-pay.

I found out about this 2 months in. Pfizer reimbursed me one month. I couldn't believe I actually got a check. They will back date you a month. I am now getting it for free. yay

Wonderful news, Becky! I have Medicare insurance plus a good supplement. When I started Ibrance back in October, my oncologist's office connected me with the Patient Advocate Foundation and I received a $5000 grant to cover my $650 monthly co-pay. When that grant was used up, the pharmacy got me another grant from the PAN Foundation. I just finished Cycle 9 of Ibrance and was recently notified that the second grant is used up/ending with delivery of my next round tomorrow. The pharmacy said they were not aware of any additional grant funds at the moment, and oncologist's office said next step is to talk to the hospital social worker, which will likely happen after my monthly appointment next week. Basically, I have 4 weeks to figure out how to pay for my August Ibrance. I think I read someplace back when I started that Pfizer doesn't help Medicare patients--will have to check on that.

I’m on Medicare and Pfizer gave me Ibrance. For one person your income needs to be less than $60000 annually.

Thank you for that info. Guess my next step will be to contact Pfizer.

Happy for you. I also take Ibrance, Pfizer covers copay. Hard enough having cancer.

That is good news. I am waiting for an approval from Lilly for Verzenio. My cost through insurance would have been almost $2200. a month. So this is a blessing.

I ,too, got great news. - U of M found a grant for me and I will be receiving Ibrance for no cost to me for a year. My big concern is that I have had to take a break from my Ibrance twice because of low neutrophil counts and this scares me - Maybe I should ask to have my dose lowered? Also - this will be my third round coming up and still have the same ache in my pelvis and neck - no worse and no where else - does this mean it isn't working?

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