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Anyone taking Aromasin/Exemestane with Inrance

Hi there,

It’s been a while since I have posted anything. Back in November I had to stop taking the Letrozole due to the neuropathy and myalgia issues that were more than I could handle day to day 😢. My Oncologist replaces that drug with Aromasin aka Exemestane as the hormone blocker. I am terrified that it is not working as well as the Letrozole was.

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Ummm I mean “Ibrance” 🤪


Hi Becky I don’t have any answers just wishing you well and hope others can help with some thoughts on this.

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Awwwww 💕. Thank you! And my prayers to you as well.


I took Ibrance also and the exemestain was paired with Affinator like Barbara. Ibrance was paired with letrozole. What all did you want to know about side effects? Ibrance was the best line of defense I had for 2-3 years then, my cancer morphed and all the chemotherapy have not been working but, have had many issues with all side effects.

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I love the Ibrance💕 no side effects except the neutropenia but I have learned to be a darn good germaphobe and have actually gotten a couple nasty colds/fevers over the last 18 months and I’m still here to talk about it so I pray that this Ibrance works for a really really long time.

I just kind of beat myself up these days thinking I should have just powered through all the pain and discomfort I had from the Letrozole because it was working so well and keeping the tumors down. Doc says the Exemestane is just as good? We will see?

I feel bad for you! Stay strong friend and I will pray for you that something starts working sooner than later.

Do you use essential oils at all? I absolutely swear by Frankincense oil. I put two drops in my coffee each morning and rub it on the area where the tumor is behind my implant.

I like to use some Eastern medicine along with the Western. At this point in the game, we have to try anything right?

I want to fight this thing long enough for that new vaccine to get approved for humans. That sounds amazing!!! The inject it into one tumor -it destroys it and then continues on to search out the other same bad cells in your body and kills them too. 🙏🙏


Hi Becky. I took exemestane (paired with Afinitor) for two years. The combination worked well for me, but I did have some complications from the Afinitor (elevated liver enzymes) when I started out with too high a dose (7.5mg). . My oncologist played around with the dose (taking it back to 5mg and gradually working my way up to 7.5mg). After two years I had to stop the Afinitor because of inflamation of the lungs. The combination successfully kept the cancer at bay.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you 😊. It does make me feel better to know that it kept the cancer locked up.


Warrior/Over-comer: Sister Becky I know the Sovereign God we serve who restored and,

allowed you 19 years of NED and, me 10 years of NED is the same God who can restore you

again. Do not give up hope. I know that right now it is easier said than done, but have faith.

Fear and worry is the absence of faith, and is also a friend to cancer. Do not let cancer

become a stronghold in your body. You are an heir to the throne, and cancer needs pack up

and, get out yesterday. Warrior I/We stand with you, and pray for an amazing testimony .

This is an acronym I created to help me through some of life's challenges. When I call on C-

H-R-I-S-T : C=Comforter, H=Helper , I=intercessor, S=Strengthener, and last, but not least

T=Teacher. What we can't do, you have to trust, and, believe GOD can. A-m-e-n, AMEN, and

yes A-M-E-N ! ! ! Stay strong Warrior(s) , Stay positive, and don't ever give up or give in to this

disease. XoXoXoXo


AMEN IS RIGHT!! Thank you for this reminder that cancer is not in charge-WE are 🙏🙌🏻

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Exemastane worked great for me for 4 years and letrozole didn’t work for me so I guess everyone is different. From what I have read that seems to be a great combination. Good Luck to you.


Thank you so much!! This makes me feel good about the change. Keep doing what you are doing as it seems to be doing the job!


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