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Afinitor and taste buds off!

Hi everyone,

Is anyone on Afinitor and have had their food taste differently?

I was first put on 5 mgs of Afinitor with Aromasin in August. No big problems, Then I was upped to 10 mgs of Afinitor for Sept. and now Oct.

Very slowly I noticed that some of my food tasted differently, Kind of tainted if I didn’t know better. I asked family members if things tasted funny to them. The answer was no. I even made fresh organic spinach the other day and felt that it had gone bad. I couldn’t eat much of it.

One day I made a special dish with noodles and cabbage. That too tasted off. I ended up throwing it all out!

Yesterday I bought an eggplant grinder and didn’t enjoy it, and this is something that I usually love!

This is happening with more and more foods. I do think that this is a side effect of the Afinitor. I don’t like it as it’s reducing my food intake and I want to keep my weight up.

Has anyone on Afinitor experienced changes in the way their food tastes? Thanks. Kats2

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Hi Kats2 , below is an article discussing how some cancer treatments can cause food to taste differently, as well as some suggestions for managing:


I would also suggest also discussing this with your doctor and perhaps seeing what can be done if the problem persists. Please keep us updated- wishing you the best.

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Thanks for the article. I’ll try some of the suggestions.

The funny thing is that the “ off taste” comes and goes. It must be certain foods that bother me. I think spaghetti sauce is a culprit. I never had these funny tasting episodes with my other oral meds.

Maybe they’ll just magically disappear! Am I asking for too much. Thanks again,


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Be careful about eating acidic foods. Can cause mouth sores on Afinitor.

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And yes, food doesn't taste the same...probably why I am never hungry any more.

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Groan. So I guess my food really “ isn’t being poisoned after all.” LOL! But it really isn’t funny.

Thanks for the responses! Kats2


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