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Lynn I did a clinical trial of lbrance and used it for 12 months back in 2014. Now it's approved. I've done a total of 7 clinical trials since 2007. Original cancer was stage 2 breast and it came back in June 2014 Mets to bones. Now it's also in my upper epidermis. Would be curious as to any other of you out there with similar circumstances? My current treatment is Perjeta and Herceptin which is not a late stage treatment. In fact Blue Cross Blue Shield will not pay for the Perjeta. The Manufacturer supplies it. IT has kept the cancer at bay again for 12 months and right before that I was only getting about 3 or 4 months out of a regimen before we had to change it.

M.D. ANderson is again working on my behalf in order to get another extension of the Perjeta.

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