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Liver Biopsy - (cont)

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I received my liver biopsy results: 0% - ER 0% - PR - HER2 - equivocal (we are now doing a more sensitive FISH test on it, which takes a few more days)

Initially I had a small amount of ER, so it is better to be negative as it will open me for clinical trials.

I tried to research HER2 - Equivocal but it is very difficult for me to understand the articles. Will the FISH test determine if it is HER2- or HER2+ or will it still be more of a grey area.

I am on Xeloda and my 27-29 marker went from 80 to 89. He is having me stay on it despite the increase. I am not sure if this is because the number didn't increase that much or as I have only been on the Xeloda for a short time, maybe he is thinking that the number will decrease with time.

I think that my PET scan and MRI will be in late September but I will confirm with nurse later today.

Are clinical trials only entered when a chemo is no longer working?

I am feeling pretty good on the Xeloda.

thank you for listening and I believe that God has a good plan for me and for all of us! Continue on warriors!

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Glad to learn about the hormone negative results, as I know that your slightly positive status was holding you back from potential mTNBC clinical trials.

I'm HER2+. My own HER2 status was somewhat confusing when I had early stage, or stage 2, breast cancer. But it goes something like this (and if anybody else can either correct or add additional info): The onc will do an immunohistchemostry (IHC) test first. A 1 means HER2- negative. 2 means, not sure, and 3 means positive. Back in 2003, if the number was 2, the onc did a FISH test for further clarification about the HER2 status. However, a patient can also be FISH borderline. If borderline, many suggest to do HER2 treatment anyway.

When the cancer advanced to my lung, the 1 cm tumor was removed surgery and tested for HER2, and it came up positive. Since that was in 2007, I cannot remember which test or if both tests were used. My brain tumor, which was also removed, was TNBC, but I'm still, taking Herceptin anyway. It is an anti-HER2 therapy.

I think in many cases clinical trials are considered when a chemo is no longer working, as there doesn't seem to be a reason to stop the therapy otherwise, unless the side effects are not tolerable.

SHARE has a clinical trial search engine on it's website, EmergingMed, and here's a link to a recent webinar by the CEO on finding clinical trials:

A big hug to you!


Thank you Joan!

Her2 came back negative. Therefore I am triple negative. FoundationOne results will show whether I can be in NCI-MATCH trial. I would only be in that trial if xeloda quits working and if there is something targetable in the FoundationOne results. Trial name is Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice.

I will revisit your clinical trial site to see if there are other trial options.

Onc nurse says plenty more options and xeloda has been a good chemo for many. Scary because my initial tumor markers increased. She said that's common.

Trying to be positive.

The webinar was fantastic Joan! Now that I have definitive answers from my liver biopsy i will update my profile and look for clinical trials in case my current treatment fails.

I am so grateful to you and SHARE! My therapist at Cancer Caring in Pittsburgh received some information from SHARE recently. I am always telling her how wonderful and helpful SHARE is. Sounds as if Pittsburgh will soon get a metastatic breast cancer support group!

Thank you Joan and God bless you!

I am following your progress, as lesions were recently found on my liver after 2 years of MBC to the bone. Was put on iBrance (addition to faslodex and xgeva) but my blood numbers fell so low after the first round, I have not had any more for a month. Will see the onc this Wednesday to hear his plans and my options. He has not ordered a biopsy as yet.

Many prayers and hugs to you...

Hugs and prayers to you too!

My oncologist is leaving me on the xeloda as he does not feel as if the increase in marker is necessarily a result of progression. His nurse told me that many times there is a spike in markers when changing chemos.

Another marker test in august and scans in mid September.

The results of my liver biopsy will also go for Foundation One testing and I will be in a clinical trial that is not medicine but is a nci match trial.

My nurse told me that clinical trials can be entered before progression. Sometimes they are entered to add a possible target therapy for example

I believe that my oncologist is doing everything possible to find best therapies for me and he said I am welcome to look into clinical trials on my own and then run them past him. I will wait until my tests are all returned and go from there. Thank you for the clinical trials website

I am grateful to SHARE for being there for all of us that fight this battle.

Barbara, When you start the trial please let us know which one, as it's good to know what's out there for MBC. Thanks! Joan

I will Joan. I think I will be added to it after the Foundation One test is complete which I was told will be about four weeks.

I just had a liver biopsy Friday no results yet. You are on Xeloda chemotherapy now. I may be doing the same thing if the results show I am not a candidate for immunotherapy. If I am not then the tissue will undergo more genetic testing to see what targeted therapy to use. During the second genetic testing I will go on Xeloda until results are in. Perhapse this is what your doctor is doing for you formulating your plan. I believe there are more therapies out there. Clinical trails and chemo too. My doc doesn't want me to go back to chemo so he is trying to find either immunotherapy or targeted therapy compatible with my liver tumor type. He is even including clinical trails search.

Much good luck to you.

It sounds as if you have an excellent oncologist. I appreciate receiving your update and I will be staying on xeloda until we receive further results.

If I end up being triple negative he talked about parp inhibitors. I believe this approach would be in a clinical trail.

Good luck to you too!

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