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Had my ultrasound done this morning to check abdomen &top area that came back that i have a cyst on my right ovary results are now being sent to gynae to decide what to do just to wait till get an appointment to see them but when i see them im asking to remove either ovary or all but have to wait till see them should hopefully be by the time finish my chemo which is in may nearing the end of treatment so glad just have to gt through nxt bit worry about if get surgery which im opting for so i can prevent myself ever getting ovarian cancer it really helps having people on here to talk to or going through same journey

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Hope you get to see your gynecologist soon so that you'll get answers and also a recommendation as to what should be done. Hopefully it's only a benign cyst.

Were you having any symptoms like pain that caused you to have the ultrasound?

Seems that your medical people are on top of things, so that's something to be grateful for.

You'll know what to do after your Gyn visit. And if you're unsure, get a 2nd opinion. That'll put your mind at ease.

Keep us posted. And good luck with your chemo and seeing to this new development. Stay positive!


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After my first cancer in 2005, I developed cysts on my ovaries. I had a complete hysterectomy and felt relieved. Hot flashes for a while but didn't last long.


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