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Diagnosed with stage 2 er positive right breast cancer

Hi wanted to see if anybody else is going through this in 2014 was diagnosed with breast cancer did chemotherapy first than a lumpectomy followed by radiation which apparently none of it worked cea levels still high found another mass had another lumpectomy which eventually lead to a mastectomy and 22 lymph nodes removed all positive but 8 did more Chemotherapy in 2015 finished in march 2016 now again 2 swollen lymph nodes one under arm and one in middle of chest on oral chemotherapy xloeda and tykerb just stated so far not bad. Anyone experiencing something similar that can share their story with me

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Hi Anneespo!

I don't take the pills that u have but I love hearing everyone's reports that they work. The IV therapies are affective but time consuming.

Blessings that u have a great Christmas!



I have heard studies show that you can experience this with breast cancer. Before my lumpectomy I had so many scans. It was found at that time that my lump in the breast was not the only one. They showed stage 0 in the opposite breast and metastasis in the bone. I did the "red devil" chemo with no radiation. I have used Xeloda with great success with a recurrence of lymphnodes involvement in the chest and metastasis in the lung. The cancer had shrank and stabilized. In fact there was no sign of it in chest or lung.

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Thanks for posting in our community We are all her to help and support you Feel like you are all alone during this holiday season drop us a line and we will try and cheer you up

Best to you filled with holiday cheer and more to come in 2017


Hi Anneespo....I've never heard of tykerb. Is this a chemo drug? How are you doing now? I hope you're feeling better lately. How are your treatments going? Here's to a healthy and happy New Year! Kats3


Tykerb is a targeted drug for HER2+ breast cancer. The generic name is lapatinib. It is a pill.


It sounds as if you are ER+ and HER2+. I had HER2+ early stage breast cancer and have the same MBC.

I'm wonering why your oncologist has not prescribed Herceptin (trastuzumab). Studies have shown that those who have HER2+ do better when they continue to stay on Herceptin even if the cancer progresses.

Some form of Herceptin continues, either as that drug in combination with Perjeta (pertuzumab, another HER2+ targeted drug) and a taxane (chemtherapy) as first-line treatment. Second-line treatment would be Kadcyla, which is a conjugated drug of the chemotherapy T-DM1 and Herceptin. Xeloda and Tykerb (lapatinib, another HER2+ targeted drug) are used these days as a third-line treatment, meaning that the first two lines failed to work. Failing to work could also mean staying on the drug for quite some time before it stops working.

Here's a link to the webpage that shows the standards for HER2+ MBC treatment, set by ASCO. The section on recommendations explains it.


When I was diagnosed in 2014 that was the first thing I did tchp and continued on herceptin for the year unfortunately it worked for 4 month when I had a progression. In 2015 I did kydca and red devil witch worked for 8 months. In 2016 I had another progression to lymph nodes in middle of chest so now I am doing tykerb and xeloda just started it in December I am hoping this works


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