Hello everyone. Im one of the luckiest to have this kind of fate. Lucky because God is always there for me. I am a widow with 3 children. I was diagnosed in April 2014, stage 4, MBC. Yes my way of life has changed a lot but i got to be strong esp for my special child. She is my only daughter and i have two boys. Im thankful for being a part of this group. Just keep in touch to Him our Almighty and He will take care of us. No doubt about that. Hope we could all have a Merry CHRISTMAS!

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  • Hi Tongchoyteng :) Welcome to the group!

  • Hi missa13, nice to hear from you, thanks a lot

  • Hi, thanks for posting. I'm with you in hoping everyone has a Merry Christmas or Happy Chanukah. I'll keep you and your children in my thoughts.

  • Hi Pinaylady!

    Thanks for joining the group. Hope this year brings u health and happiness. Keep praying. God hears us.

    Let us know if u ever have questions about treatment or medications.

    Merry Christmas!


  • Hello Pinaylady hang in there and I hope you and your family are going to have a wonderful Christmas!

  • Thanks everyone. Its so heart warming to have you all here, we all support each one. What i am suffering now is my itchiness, esp with the lotion i use. I use lubriderm prescribed by dr. But makes my skin red and hot. I have to moisturize my skin coz it dries with chemo meds , if not its gonna break and thats a big problem. Do you ladies have experienced this? Yesterday my onco announced that there is a new lesion on my left breast in which they're gonna change my meds. And probably lose my hair again, oh my! It has grown a lot since i finish with taxol.

  • Amen

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