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Hello - I'm new to this site. Had Stage IV MBC diagnosis 2015, stemming from a 2006 Stage 0 DCIS diagnosis (had mastectomy). My cancer type is HER2+, ER+, PR-. Cancer all along spine, two spots liver. Went through 19 wks chemo, targeted radiation to spine and now on Herceptin/Perjeta every three weeks, Xgeva and Faslodex shots every month. My scans show no spots in liver and shrinking spine metastasis. Really just wondering if there's anyone out there with similar diagnoses and wondering how long "the good news" might last.

Amy Jo

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Hi Amy, I wish I could tell you how long it last. I was just diagnosised Oct 13, 2016. Stage 4 breast cancer denovo. Er+, pr+, her2+, with mets to spine and liver. Your story gives me hope. I have only had one round of chemo. I am getting herceptin, projeta, taxotere. 6 rounds scheduled every three weeks. Xgeva is on my schedule for Dec and I meet with a radiation oncologist next week. What chemo did you get? I hope some other ladies chime in with good news. I am on a few FB sites for metastatic cancer and there are many ladies 4, 5, 7 years out. So much to hope for. Thanks for sharing. You give me hope. Take care, Katie


Hi Katie - your routine sounds a lot like mine just a year later. I was on Taxotare also. 19 weeks. My blood count markers started in the 400s and have now dropped to 20s. I feel great. Just wondering for how long, but then think to myself just enjoy this!! Good luck with chemo, it's tough but doable! Contact me if you have anymore questions. I'm new to this site too



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