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Breast Cancer to Bone (Femur)


Diagnosed in 2007 with Breast Cancer, chemo, surgery, radiation. Diagnosed again in 2012, chemo, surgery, radiation. Diagnosed again in 2014 mastectomy, no treatment. Tumor removed from chest wall/sternum 2015. Diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2015 tumor in right femur. Completed radiation to femur, body is maxed out on chemo. Previous chemo has damaged my heart, liver and kidneys. Was given 18 -24 months to live in Oct. 2015. Starting to feel pain in leg and hip, starting to get scared yet hiding my fears from everyone. Anyone in my shoes out there??

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Yes, I understand your fear of recurrence. I recently felt afraid because my bones and muscles were aching. My immediate thought was that the cancer had spread active. It took a few weeks for me to have a PET scan. My appointment with my oncologist is next week. I called his office and asked about the PET scan results and was told there was no change (no tumors). My breast cancer is lobular which isn't alway detectable by scans but in combination with other blood test for the tumor marker I feel relieved.

A webinar on Coping with the Fear of Recurrence is scheduled and I've copied the following email I received:

For some people, the end of breast cancer treatment stirs emotions they did not expect. The fear of recurrence, or fear the cancer may come back, is normal and there are ways to manage that fear.

If you're having a hard time coping with this feeling, join us for Living With the Unknown: Coping with the Fear of Recurrence, taking place Wednesday, November 30 from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. (ET).

During today's program, Pamela Ginsberg, PhD, will help you learn about:

common stressors and other triggers that may cause fear of recurrence

how to get emotional support from groups, loved ones and providers

strategies to help you cope with uncertainty and live life to the fullest

Sign up on the webpage:

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EdyieS if that doesn't address your concern, then perhaps a support group for Metastatic breast cancer patients would be helpful. I have three phone support groups during the week that have helped me with my fears and concerns. You could call Jane Levy who is a therapist and has worked for many years in this field. Her phone number is (212) 712-8356 and her email address is This phone support group meets on Thursdays. There's also a Share Cancer phone support group for those with Metastatic Breast Cancer on Mondays and another one about Living with Uncertainty on Thursdays. Call their office at (212) 382-2111. In the meantime, I'll keep you in my prayers.

First of all no one should play God and tell you how long you have to live. My oncologist NOW told me that!!!!! Please don't hide your to your Doctor about them as quickly as possible. Try to be positive and get through every day.

Hi EdyieS!

I have MBC to the bones as well. Left femur mostly but a few other places as well. Sorry to hear what your doctor said to u. Have u ever looked into the NORI diet? It basically imploys the paleo diet to help fight cancer. It has helped many to beat or manage their cancer levels. I've been doing this since the beginning of treatment July 28 and I was at near normal after 5 treatments. Had 6th and final Perjetta last week. was very helpful also.

Prayers that you'll maintain this!

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