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Prolia vs. Zometa?


I’ve been on Prolia for two years after breast cancer treatment and having borderline osteoporosis. Recently, I brought a pro-Zometa vs. Prolia study on recurrence to her attention. She replied that there’s a big discussion among oncologists of whether Prolia helps prevent bone metastasis because some studies say it does, and some studies say it doesn’t. Some oncologists give their patients Zometa, a bisphosphonate, for prevention, but she doesn’t because Zometa has more side effects. My doctor is leaving it up to me now. What are some of your experiences and thoughts on this?

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I too had breast cancer IDC e+/pr+/ HER- and had been placed on anastrozole (aromatase inhibitor) which caused the iosteoporosis. I was placed on prolia. Due to side effects and my research, I Compromised with my oncologist and we both agreed that the risks outweigh the benefits from remaining on the anastrozole after 5 1/2 years and replaced the prolia and anastrozole with Evista. Which should be helpful for replacing both drugs.

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