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Near the end


I’m not sure how much Tami posts on here but I wanted to let anyone know that she converse with that she is nearing the end of her journey. Two weeks ago she had a seizure at home and we found brain mets that had no effective hope of treatment. The medical team gave her a few weeks. We are currently making her comfortable. Please pray for her to have. Peaceful, painless passing.

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So very sorry to hear this but I appreciate you thinking of her friends here to inform us. There are no words that will make this easier but please know that Tami and her family and friends are in my thoughts and I certainly wish her a pain free peaceful journey to the after world. 🙏


Praying for Tami and the family...sending love hugs to all...🙏🏻💕

Much love to you, Tami & your family.

Sorry to hear this. my prayers for Tami and all family. Hopefully, she has a very peaceful passing.

Prayers for Tami 🙏

I pray that God will not let her suffer. I also pray God will give you, and her loved ones peace, strength, and comfort that only God can give. XoXoXoXoXoXoXoXo

Your post just makes my heart ache. Please let Tami know that there are prayers coming her way. May she know peace and God's comfort.

God bless you for letting all of us know.

Linda XXOO

Wishing and praying for comfort, peace and love. Thanks for letting us know. Know that she loves you.

Prayers 🙏🙏🙏

Praying for her tonight. I don’t think I have talked to her but hope she doesn’t suffer. I’m very sorry to hear it. We are all in this battle together.🙏

So sorry to hear this. Will keep her in my prayers that she has a peaceful transition. Love n hugs♥️



My prayers for Tami and her family! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

I'm so sorry for the delay...I just recently became aware of this sad post.

Tami and her friends and family are in my thoughts, as I wish for peace and send love to all.


I am saddened to hear this. My thoughts are with all of you 💔😢

God bless you for taking care of your beloved Tami in her final days.

This disease progresses at its own pace, and Tami’s journey has been far too short.

May your family know that many prayers are with Tami and that mine includes a plea for a peaceful passing blessed by the love and light of God. 🙏🏻💗

So sorry to hear this news. I pray she gets peace.

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