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Hello everyone. I am new to this community and a newly diagnosed IDCA. I read several of your posts. All of you need medals!! Short history:I am one of 6 siblings,3 brothers and 3 sisters. I also was a critical care nurse for 30 years. I am 69 now. My youngest sister died at age 54. She initially had Hodgkin's lymphoma,developed MBC and died with colon cancer. 3 months after she died my remaining sister was diagnosed with DCIS. My mother is 92 and has had all 3 daughters with breast cancer at some stage. I stay with her because of decreased Vision from macular degeneration. I will start radiation soon. My deceased sister set the bar high for everything she she went through- I hope I will make her proud. My sister and I were with her every step of the way. I would like you to keep my family in your prayers as I will for all of you. Setting the bar high seems to be what this group endures.

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Prayers coming. Best of luck too.

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Thank you!

Your post nearly made me cry, for all the sorrow you've been through, and yet I also found it uplifting to read the hope in your words. May God bless you and shine His healing light on you, your beloved sister, and your beloved mom. I lost my mom in August, at age 96, and still miss her so!

Love to you, Linda

Thank you for your kind words.

Going by your kind words, your Mother must have been special.

She truly was and is dearly missed by all who knew her. I also know how difficult care giving can be. You are an angel on earth! ❤️🙏🏻

Hello! I just finished my 20th radiation treatment. I was just checking to see how you are doing. I remember when you were talking about loosing you Mother. I hope you are doing ok. All of us have angels and I pray you are being comforted by yours.

Thank you so much for your kind inquiry. I am doing well, although still missing my mom every day. It sure takes a long time, doesn't it, just like with your sister?

So glad to hear that you have finished your radiation. I remember it took a little while to get over the fatigue. Will you be starting therapy now? I have been taking Ibrance and Letrozole since November 2017.

God bless you for your kindness. You are one of those angels!! XXOO Linda

I wasn't sure you would see my post. I'm glad you did!

I had the impression I was communicating with an angel.

I actually have 10 more radiation treatments. I am doing great. I miss my sister every day. It's been 3 years this month. The tears are less but our hearts are connected. I don't think there is a set time to grieve. Everyone is different and I pray the memories of your Mother will ease the pain.


Thanks so much, Deb! God bless you! You are my sister, too!! XXOO Linda

Thanks Linda what a nice thing to say. You made my day!

Yes I will add you to my prayer list

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Thank you


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Thank you

Shalom Sister/warrior I know you will draw from your sisters fighting spirit. I also know you will continue her legacy. Your sister is you, and your family members guardian angel. I pray the lord will supply your every need. XoXoXo

Thank you for those encouraging words!

Prayers are so important when you’re going through something like this.

My co-workers prayed for me before my surgeries and I cannot tell you how touched I was by this. I pray for you and all the women who come on here and share their story.

Your post was very touching and I am so sorry your family has been afflicted by this horrible cancer. You are very lucky though. One, your mom is 92!!! Wow, I wish, hope, and pray my mom makes it that long (also a breast cancer survivor she is 73).

You said you were 69 and I also wish, hope, and pray I make it that long. I have a 3 year old and when I talk to god that’s one thing I pray for- to let me live so that I can see her into adulthood.

You and you’re family sound like warriors. I will pray for you and your family.

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I have a lot to be thankful for including finding this community! My prayer list just increased!! Thank you for your kind words! I saw the warrior in my sister and I read it in the posts.

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Hello just checking in on you and your 3 year old. I hope you are doing as well as you can in this world.

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