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Recently diagnosed

My name is Joyce, I've recently been diagnosed with abnormalities of my breast. I have to get further testing but I am on pins and needles. A few years ago a good friend of mine had breast cancer and she passed away. I miss her and it was painful watching her go through it. I just to locate a support group in my area if possible. I live in Brooklyn NY.

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Sister/Warrior /Lady Joyce I know waiting for test results can be a nail biting experience for some of us. Wait for the results, it may be nothing. There is no worrier in warriors. Stay strong . Fear and faith can not operate together.No matter whats going on in my life,and others see it as good ,bad or indifferent. My cup is not half empty or half full, my cup is full full and overflowing abundantly with all of Gods grace and mercy.Choose to see the many blessings God offers us everyday ,some we see and some we don't.Worry not, pray more.


Thank you so much. I needed to hear that. I do believe in GOD. I'm trying to stay strong and positive. Please pray for me and with me.


Hi Lady Joyce SHARE has two support groups in Brooklyn. One is at Restoration Plaza and the other at the Kings Bay Y Call 212-382-2111 to register or to talk to one of our survivor peers

Kings Bay YM/YWHA (Brooklyn SHARE), April 3

3495 Nostrand Ave, Rm 234

Mondays from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Restoration Plaza (Brooklyn SHARE)

1368 Fulton St, 1st Floor Multipurpose Room

Tuesdays from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm, March 28 and April 11


Hi Joyce

No woman ever wants to hear the words that they have a breast abnormality or that they may have cancer. You have turned to the right group for support and information to help you through your journey. We have all been there and understand the fear and emotions you are having.

Could you please clarify what "abnormally " you have? What tests have been done? Not all abnormal mammograms are breast cancer. Not all breast cancers are the same. Diagnosis and treatment should be based on the findings of a full work up and evaluation by a knowledgeable and experienced breast care provider.

30 years ago I too had a friend who passed away from breast cancer. But since then I have had family and friends who are not only surviving but thriving. One is now 18 years cancer free.

I was diagnosed with DCIS in September 2016, had a lumpectomy in October and radiation in January. At first I was in shock, fearful, anxious and depressed. It was quite an emotional roller coaster. I reached out to SHARE via their helpline for support and connected with one of their volunteers who I am still in contact with. This is an amazing organization of fellow sisters who are here to help you every step of the way.

I too live in Brooklyn. I attend the monthly DCIS support group in Manhattan. I am doing well emotionally and physically, enjoying and living my life again.

Do not hesitate to reach out, ask questions and express your emotions. We are here for you.


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This may be my last blog. Its devastating enough to be diagnosed w/breast cancer, go through all the many stages of disbelief, anger, etc, the wrenching decision making of what treatment, etc but now, after all that, to have no transportation to & from appts, surgery treatments etc for a lady in a wheelchair already is the end of the line for me. No recourse other than to let this darned cancer take my life! I wish you all luck, prayers, etc

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Hi Geri

I am beyond distraught by your overwhelming predicament. It's been a while since your last post. Have you had additional diagnostic tests or appts since you last posted? Is it at all possible for you to approach this is steps rather that planning an entire treatment process at this point in time? For instance, is there anyway to have the surgery and not try figure out how to deal with radiation etc after? Is there a family member who can come to you short term? Perhaps you could relocate to a family member or friend while convalescing.

What did the major cancer support organizations have to say? Have you contacted the offices of your local government representatives? Is there a church or synagogue group who can contact members to create a team of members to assist and be there for you?

I can hear that there is such a drive within you to fight on and regain your health and life back. I'm hoping and praying you can find a way to start treatment and not opt out.

R in NY


Please dont give up!! Thats what cancer wants you to do!! Even if you have to get a social worker to help you. Your pcp can help with that. They will help find companies to take you to the appointments you need and sometimes for free.There are many resources the American cancer society webpage can help you with..just do some homework/research and dont give up! Im 37 and diagnosed at 34 and cry almost everyday but I refuse to give in no matter what happens. Find support even if its not family or friends..but have faith and never give up the good fight!! You were given this Life because Your strong enough to Live it~


Thank you so so much Hope29. You really encouraged me. There are times I feel sad, but I call my friends and they ensure me. I believe in GOD and you inspired me when you said "you were given this Life". I know GOD put me here for a reason and he has more for me to do. Thank you.


Don't give up. We all know this is all overwhelming...however, you can get through it. There has room be someone at your doctor's office that can help you navigate this journey. CALL THEM! OR American Cancer Society in your community. There IS help out there!


This blog has the weirdest auto correct :)


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