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Hi Ladies,

Saw my oncologist today for my 3 month follow up. I'm having severe pain on my thumb n pinky is becoming disfigured? I'm suspecting it's the aromasin. He told me yo stop for about 2 weeks..if it improves it's the aromasin. He might switch me to tamoxifen. I'm 4 years out..

Has anyone else had problems w yr hands? Joints n fingers?

Please share your experience. Thank you ladies!

FYI..NED Her2 positive, estrogen positive , stage 2, no lumps, radiation n TCHP clinical trial.

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I’ve been on anastrozole for about two years. After about a year, I noticed that at first I had an intermittent pain in the top joint near my nail of my right pointer finger. Then I developed a pretty severe trigger finger in the ring finger of that same hand, and now a trigger finger has started in the ring finger of my left hand. I’m almost ready to go to treatment for that right hand. I also had to have a total knee replacement almost a year ago because the stable arthritis there had gotten worse and a meniscus tear turned it from worse to unbearable. Good luck on finding a tolerable replacement. I’ll stick with anastrozole for now because it’s the evil I know, and who knows what the others will do to me!

iamTeal in reply to Tinydancer1

Thank you for sharing your experience. It's good to know I'm not alone. I have 1 more year to make 5 yrs..I hope I can make it...we need our hands....

Take care n Thank you again!

I had a masectomy 4 yrs ago. N been on tamoxifen. N then anastrozole. N yes. I have. Same symptoms my thumb at first trigger finger n now. Omg hurts soo bad. I stopped taken these drugs n havent told my onolcologist. Since o. These Drugs. It has. Almost paraluzed me. At first I thought I had bone cancer. Extreme pain my shoulders n Arms legs n feet. Its horriable. Drs are saying from my spine however. I went down hill fast Im unable to work I don't know. Ok. Is it better to luve cancer free N deal with Drs alll the time. Or be crippled. N in so much pain N I've been trying to get disabikuty. Well. ? Just to ur question Yes. Trigger finger. N my girl. Get ready. 4 yrs on this and I use be so strong n it destroyed me my bones. Now. Well pray

iamTeal in reply to Laurelei10

Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm sleeping at night with a brace to support my wrist and thumb. Otherwise I wake up in the middle of the night with horrible pain in my thumb and wrist area. Trying to find a brace for my pinky now. My doctor are talking abut 10 years on these meds!

This is bad ladies. I too have had trigger finger. N lost use of my arms. Its from these drugs tamoxifen n anastrozole my hand doesn't work n in soo much pain they are killing us w their bad. Experiaments

Please read RETHINK Pink. Please please please

I am early in the anastrazole journey too - and have pains in both index fingers that mimics arthritis as well as general heavy feeling/tingles. I play piano and it does worry me but as yet am willing to stick it out with this form of drug. I do know another lady who developed trigger finger - she plays a lot of racquetball - recently she says it has improved and she has avoided an injection into the joint.

I find the fatigue that comes on after ‘normal’ activities more upsetting- but hopefully that will improve as radiotherapy is only 10 weeks past. I did not have chemo

iamTeal in reply to Knapweed

Thank you for sharing your story! I play guitar and there are moments when my hands tell me no more meds...bu then my other mind says try n deal with the side effects. The price we have to pay to help prevent a recurrence.

Happy holidays!

Laurelei10 in reply to Knapweed

Was on 4 yrs. N Its onky go na get worse. I wish drs told me. Theres nothing g tgey can do for the trigger finger psin n now well these meds destroyed me. I can't wirk. Ive been thru so many spunal treatments. And. Tbey try n brush our symptoms off as if. Ok. We. Bam got arthritis. No. No. I am almost. For real paraluzed. My thumb Hurst so bad. N goes on I thought I had bone cancer. If I knew yrs ago. I would have never taken this drug. I went homeless cuz no work. N goes on.

iamTeal in reply to Laurelei10

Yes the docs try n brush it off. I hope your pain improves. It's hard for all of us m I too am struggling but grateful to be alive. Hang in there! Wishing you the best.

Yes I have pain in both hands but I’m on herceptin and tamoxifen. I soak in dr. Teals bath salts and that helps. I’m Ned her2 triple positive 7 years out but a lot of body aches. Hands are the worst

iamTeal in reply to Scarey4

I hope your hands get better. I know how hard it is. I'm struggling every day w finger n wrist pain.

Sending you strength to ensure the pain!

Hang in there!

I too, have had problems with pains in my hands and wrists. Also have had trigger finger...but knock on wood...that symptom has not appeared in awhile. A new symptom that I have however is sharp pains in my front teeth...shooting pains that come on for no reason ...last for a few minutes and then leave. I have mentioned it to dentist and have had x-rays but there is nothing wrong that shows I am thinking it is another side effect from exemestane. I am 3 yrs out from chemo, surgery and radiation. Any others experience this side effect in teeth?

iamTeal in reply to macor

Interesting! No tooth pain shooting.

Thanks for sharing this new side effect!

Wishing you wellness and more years to come!

I have been on the same drug for 26 months. About 14 months in, I developed trigger finger in right thumb. THAT is when I learned from the doc that it is common; I wish she had warned me up front.

I went to an ortho surgeon who gave me a shot (not cortisone but along those lines). The shot gave me complete relief. 9 months after the shot it is starting to hurt again but not “triggering”. When I go back to ortho doc he will offer another shot or surgery, mychoice.

I'm glad your finger isn't getting worse. I'm sleeping with a thumb wrist support splint at night. I wake up in the morning with severe pain in my wrist. What seems to help me is to squeeze my wrist n forearm n message before I get out of bed. Soaking in Epsom salt seems to help too.

Thanks for sharing your experience!

May you get stronger each day!

Hang in there!

My trigger finger is the left thumb. My doc told me to wear a brace on my wrist n thumb. It seems to help in the morning.

Do you remember the name of the shot?

I'm glad yr thumb is better! Thanks for sharing!

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