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Side effects of aromasin


I have been taking aromasin for almost a year hair had grown back pretty good ..although gray. Now it seems I am losing it and is very noticeable ..maybe because I had colored it brown and you notice the scalp more. Also, still have neuropathy in hands and can tire easily. Have others noticed these side effects ..especially the thinning hair and what did you switch to? I had previously tried arimidex right when I finished chemo and had awful side effects from that.

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I, too, had hair thinning. First tried letrozole, then anastrozole, and now exemestane. Side effects have been the worst for me on anastrozole. But I’ve been on exemestane for less than a month. My ankles are starting to swell so .... I may try letrozole again if exemestane doesn’t work out for me.

macor in reply to Shumwayl

Thanks.....Good Luck to you!!

Unfortunately, thinning hair is a side effect on all 3 of the AIs, which I've been on. (Arimidex/Anastrazole, Femara/Letrozole, Aromacin/Exemestane) I even tried Tamoxifen for about 6 months but the changes to my uterus were too scary and dramatic and I had to stop. It might have been my imagination, but I thought my hair was thinning on Tamoxifen too. Now I'm on Evista/Raloxifene but just for 3 days. My fingers are crossed that the side effects aren't as severe as the others.

Macor, I co-facilitate SHARE's Aromatase Inhibitors and Tamoxifen support group. We meet the third Thursday of every month from 6-7:30 in SHARE's NYC office. Phone in is also possible. The next meeting is 6/21. If you're interested in taking part, let me know. The attendees always have helpful advice.

Good luck!

macor in reply to BklynCatwoman

Thanks for sharing your experience. I remember taking Evista/Raloxifene in the past before the latest cancer...can't remember for sure but don't think I had any side effects. Good Luck !!

Thank you. I've only been on it 4 days and so far so good. One of the added benefits is its bone-strengthening qualities, so that's a plus.

Yes I too have the same issues. My hair grew back but so thin n is falling out.

I gave up trying to grow it long again.

My hands hurt n chronic vaginal infections. All from the aromasin.

Couldn't tolerate arimadex so I'm trying to hang in. 4 years out...

Hang in there!

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