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Never give up hope !


Hello ladies. I am new and just got my results. I am soon to be 53 years old next month. I was told today I have Invasive Cancer stage II and Grade 3. It's right on the Nipple area so I chosen to go with Mastectomy of my left breast and get reconstructed later. Good news due to a cancellation my surgery is next Thursday. About myself I used to be fit and train with heavy weights from 34 to 51 years of age. I quit working out because I broke my foot in 2018 and has been taking a while to heal. I therefore gained some weight because I couldn't weight train which I truly love to do. I am hoping when the surgery and healing is done I can get back at my weight training. Not sure if anyone has ? I am trying to stay positive as I know I have a journey of healing ahead and I thought I would share my story as well.

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Hi there - i am 11 months post lumpectomy and before CoViD I started some rehab workouts with an NHS charity called Active Against Cancer (UK). They assess you fully (physio) and you join classes where they monitor what you do and build it up slowly. My upper body strength (Not body builder!) is not bad now but I still get twinges that tell me when I have done too much, even lifting and carrying ir sawing logs. I feel fitter now than before because its a big focus for me (I am 63) - i have trouble with the arm and shoulder where i had radiotherapy but work through it ok - keep it as flexible as possible ....good luck, I hope all goes well for you - havent mentioned the fatigue from the drugs because you have a lot more to deal with first - and lots to look forward to -

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Thank you and thanks for sharing.😊

I like the title of title of your post. I think it’s a motto all of us here live by. You will recover and have a greater appreciation for your body. I was never an exercise person but I’ve always eaten well and have been thin my whole life. In my opinion, I’ve taken good care of my body (no alcohol/no drugs) so my body was able to bounce back after my bilateral mastectomy and my reconstructive surgery. Your body will bounce back as well. Give yourself some time and listen to your body.

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Thank you kindly Mmnyc

I am so sorry you are going through this. I am a personal trainer recovering from a masectomy and straight to implant first stage reconstruction. Yes, once you heal you can do anything you did before and more. Some people heal differently than others, and so you will need to learn how to work with any tightness or lymphodema if they occur. I highly suggest you do physical therapy. I am 4 weeks out, and albeit light weights at this point, I did get the green light and am slowly starting back. By 8 weeks they usually give you the full ok green light. You've got this!!!

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That's awesome thanks for your feedback Hatoola1 ! Makes me feel great too !

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