Trying not to panic

It has been 9 months since my last TAC chemo for TNBC stage 2 (4 cycles and stopped because of reaction to chemo...was scheduled for 6) and 6 since last radiation therapy. My next oncology appointment is first of November. I have been having pain in my left sholder shooting down front of arm. Exercise doesn't seem to affect it. I'm getting pt for pain and muscle spasms in my back. Neuropathy in hands and feet that was getting better is much worse, waking up with numb hands and hard to sleep with pain in feet. Family doctor is referring me to a neurologist for nerve study. I'm working that arm pain is metastatic cancer. Anyone have similar symptoms?

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  • You're right not to panic. Given your history, if your doctor suspected metastatic, that would be the first test they would give you. Did you have surgery? Is the pain in the same side as your surgery? I would ask your oncologist just to ease your mind.

  • Greetings: Sister/Mabethea/WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARiOR I know it's easier said than done, but please try not to worry. Anxiety and,stress is a friend that helps to advance the progression of cancer. I pray for God to give you the ability to accept the things you can not change, the courage to change the things you can, and the ability to know the difference in what is your part and, what is God's part to act on. This is my take on The Serenity Prayer. I can not and, will not worry about things I have no control over. Fight and use every positive avenue to live a joy filled life.

  • Thank you! Just what I needed to hear. Last week was a bad week.

    Did go to my family doctor about my arm. She thinks rotatator cuff is not torn but badly sprained/strained and saud to rest it for 2 weeks and call back if not better. My physical therapist modified some exercises, dropped others and gave me some new ones to keep shoulder moving but not straining. Been getting PT for my neck and back and getting ready next week to progress to a free program at the Y. I'm feeling more in control now and see oncologist first week of November

  • Do you have a port that was or will be used for chemo On that side? I just finished my chemo and with every treatment had so much pain mostly in shoulder but radiated down my arm. This last chemo, I couldn't even move my arm a few days later for a few days. Got to my primary and he gave me a shot in the shoulder which helped tremendously, but front of shoulder still hurt some from shoulder to the port. Primary Dr thinks getting port out may be initial key to this relief. Said could still be something with the shoulder, too. Getting port out on the 6th. Can't wait!

  • Thanks for your reply

    Port was on the other side. Saw orthopedic last week

    Got an injection for inflamed and impinged shoulder/rotator cuff. Started physical therapy today. If not better in 6 weeks will do MRI. I'm having nerve study done tomorrow. Got lots of bloodwork done and hopefully will have some answers tomorrow as well.

  • I hope so too! Hopefully just something simple. I did read somewhere that pains can come back months after chemo, but hopefully they will find a way to manage this or somehow relieve this pain for you. Prayers and positive thoughts for you.

  • Started pt yesterday on my shoulder. Have an inpingement in rotator cuff.

    Saw the neurologist today for a nerve study (uncomfortable) and muscles (PAINFUL) . Said he doesn't see signs of muscle disease. Running more blood work to rule out lupus and Rheumatoid Factoid. He said I elevated liver enzymes that I don't think I've ever had before. So of course my mind goes straight to tnbc mets in liver. How do they test for that? I see my oncologist next Wednesday. All this waiting is making me nuts. Has anyone had tnbc mets to your liver?

  • Now on top of that...have been to neurologist about neuropathy for nerve and muscle study...have carpal tunnel syndrome in hands and liver enzymes elevated. He is doing more testing for lupus. Was also referred to orthopedic and have inflammation in rotator cuff. Now getting PT for that. Go to oncologist tomorrow and,going to try to talk him into an MRI due to the way my neck feels and elevated liver enzymes which I've never had. That's all I know right now.

  • Well, gee wilerkers! This chemo brain is,making me nuts...didn't remember I had posted this info before. 😑

  • Lupus has been ruled out. Neurologist referring me back to GP to treat Rheumatoid arthritis. That explains pain in neck , back, and feet. He said liver enzymes looked ok...that us a big relief.

  • Thanks for the updates! I have neuropathy, mainly in one leg. Those tests are murder!

    Glad you are keeping up with all this!

    Also have Chemo-Brain! Can't wait for it to go away!

    Good luck, and don't give up!!! 💖💖

  • Thank You! See neurologist this Friday...all this waiting is awful isn't it?

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