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Post-Chemo Fatigue

Hi all,

I was diagnosed for second time- had breast cancer DCIS in 2006 w/lumpectomy & radiation. Then in 2015 (1-1/2 years into retirement), I was diagnosed w/breast cancer in other breast. Since I have a positive genetic PALB1&2 & am triple negative, I had a bilateral mastectomy in July. Had expanders at time of surgery. Implants in October 2015. Finished chemo end of January 2016. Had infection in one implant so it was removed in July. Had other implant removed in August.

I am experiencing a lot of fatigue even though chemo is just about a year ago. I can't seem to get up early and take naps during the day. I do go to the gym--I try at least once a week. I got a trainer so that motivates me. I take vitamins.

I do some outdoor activities, walks, hikes, but occassionally

I've also gained weight, and I know the winter can be more inactivity. But I feel fatigue every day.

I can't get to a 9:15 spin class at the gym, or even get myself to go on the bicycle or elliptical ,and am frustrated with myself.

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Hi - I also had a recurrence after 15 years, and 5 years later after being on disability or retired early, I've also experienced a much slower start to my days. I've learned it's a full time job taking care of me including trying to refrain from comparing the new me to the past hop out of be and do it all woman. Be gentle with yourself, continue to take ea day as a gift, plan your workouts, go if your body/mind allows. The key is to keep moving, whether you walk/workout at 9:00 AM or 11:00 AM. WIth each step you will gain benefits and get stronger, albeit not as noticeable as in the past. Breathe, eat well, exercise, find excellent mind body spirit healers.

Unconditional acceptance is the path of the spiritual warrior. It takes courage to embrace your current situation, to be present and loving towards yourself exactly as you are. You are your reality.

building a strong foundation on the now will allow you to consistently love and care for yourself. Stop for a minute. Give yourself props. Take in your good.

Be gentle all the advice is a daily practice.

Sending wellness to you


Oh, thank you so much for your kind support.

It's difficult to not compare my life before C and After C.

I don't compare myself to what I could do 5 years ago. I do compare myself to 2 yrs ago, though. It's hard to stop this negative thinking sometimes.


Hello there... I am only 4 months into my BC journey, but your reoccurrence experience is definitely one of my biggest fears, so I greatly appreciate you sharing your experience. My days have been starting slower, but I decided to embrace it in hopes that would ecrease my worries out it. I have a few things that I do that have helped me, so I thought I would just share them. Before I get out of bed, I do deep breathing and light stretching... waking up every part of my mind & body before my feet even hit the ground. A lot of times I will try to visualize how I would like my day to unfold (taking care of work/household things... to going for a walk , etc...). I also subscribed to - for their "Word of the day". Each day, when I check my email, there is a different quote from a wide variety of people... not all the sayings resonate with me, but the ones that Do - I save them... print them out and have a few posted around my house to inspire me when I'm feeling depleted. Here's an example of one - WORD FOR THE DAY

Spring passes and one remembers one's innocence. Summer passes and one remembers one's exuberance. Autumn passes and one remembers one's reverence. Winter passes and one remembers one's perseverance.


- Be gentle with yourself vs pushing yourself... and hopefully you will find things that feed you & boosts your energy & spirits.

Wishing you wellness...

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It is very natural to feel tired after doing chemo For me I didn't quite feel like myself for about a year after I completed treatment. Hang in there and go with what your body tells you to do Try not to overdo it and push too hard. Be realistic about what you can and can not do. Look into what the various support service organization i.e Cancer support Community around you are offering. A lot of them offer exercise classes, yoga and other activities which are geared to cancer patients

Best of luck


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