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Why do i have to have this in order to masturbate?

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I’ve been masturbating sense i was old enough by stuffing a blanket in between my tool and pants. When i masturbate differently i can’t really get off. Why do i need that pressure under my balls on my taint? I’ve been unable to cum easily with just rubbing my head even with lube which i hardly ever use. Is there a way for me to go to masturbating normally?

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It may just be how you have become accustomed to self stimulation. There is not an anatomical reason this is the case. You may require psychosexual counselling if it is an issue.

As Galen 70 suggests, you may have conditioned yourself to require certain stimulus.

Professional help is one way to deal with it.

You might also try to train yourself to be less reliant on those stimuli.

Try masturbating by stroking your shaft and had for a while and then use your blanket to allow yourself to cum.

if you do this over the course of a few weeks, increasing the length before you revert to your old ways you may find that you can get closer to orgasm without your blanket, and maybe even orgasm from manual stimulation alone.

I was the opposite when i was younger. I could only cum from using my hands and not from thrusting. I used to place my penis between the matress and the base of the bed and I could thrust for ages without even getting close.

It took me a while before i could reach orgasm from thrusting alone.

Another thing you might try, if you are able, is to buy a sex toy and change your masturbation habits completely.

Best of luck

My earliest pubescent masturbation practice ( which is how I first discovered orgasm) was to lay on my belly in bed and dry hump the mattress. (did anyone else do it this way?). This did create a lot of friction. I eventually learned new techniques by practicing first stroking with my hand (which seems to be the most popular method) and then by receiving oral sex. Try it by hand using a sex lube. It makes it more pleasurable.

I discovered orgasms when I was pulling myself along the floor in the school gym!🤭

How old were you? What’s your favorite way now?

I was 12 or 13 I think. I love to just stroke my head now 😃

What are your fantasies when you jerk, or what turns you on while you’re doing it? I like straight or gay porn or thinking about past sexual relationships or times when sex “almost” happened. And how it could have been if it had happened.

Nothing really. I guess I get horny and start thinkin about girls!

Enjoy yourself, and use lube. It feels so good, things like body lotion, or even a small drop or two of olive oil. 😁👌

Yup! It makes it feel so much better. I use olive oil 🙂

Does olive oil stain sheets or clothes? Where have you been when you use it?

I just don't use it in bed and wear nothing 🙂

Yes. Olive oil works great. Also is nice as it makes your cock skin and balls so soft. My wife used it recently to stroke my cock to lube me up to enter her. Instead I ended up so hard and crazy and turned on that she jacked me off. That was a first.

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That sounds like a good time!

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Maybe it will happen again. Good luck.

Thanks everyone for sharing.

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