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Need help badly. Almost given up.

So in a nutshell about a year ago I had unprotected sex with a girl I barely knew.

It honestly immediately started to hurt when I began having sex with her but I figured it was due to me never going rawr before like an idiot.

My symptoms have changed over time, due to overlapping conditions that I think I have already taken care of but for sake of understanding, this is what I am plagued with now.

I have been to many , many doctors, and none of them can find something wrong or help. I KNOW something is wrong. I feel it every day....I need this fixed please.

As of now:

My penis always feels incredibly dry or calmly.

It seems to have gone from a cute cuddly pink to a , old calmly white

the head of my penis had purple and red dots on it that where never there before ( I was told by a dermatologist that it was due to other doctors giving me topical creams which pealed back layers of penis skin, so that I was just seeing the inner workings as it where, and that there was nothing to be scared of)

The same for striations and what I can only equate to markings that resemble when you have been in a pool to long.

My meatus always looks inflamed, red, and is wet, no matter how much I dab after urine , it seems to collect liquid.

The color of the head has from has drastically changed, From the tip of my penis hold there seems to be a bright red patch of skin that looks irritated in a clear pattern, it stops at the base of the head, which has turned purple 360 degrees. I would not say it burns per-say but , I am just super aware of the skin irritation?

Just the general smell of my penis makes me question its health. It seems like fish to me, which is that old joke. But I have been tested so many times for conditons that cause that I am not sure what to think.

Every now and then It seem to accumulate white grains? Idk if its shemga or yeast, or precum, or dry skin honestly

I have noticed if I go out and tan in the sun that it will dry up and get a white flake peel all over. (this was what made me think it was psoriasis, which could explain dryness but does not explain everything else)

I have been to MANY Doctors, Hospitals and they all say my tests come back clean and normal. I have had unprotected sex again sense that incident a year ago many times with a partner I trusted and never had her get anything.............

So I am at a lose.. wtf is wrong with me? Can anyone help. I want my life back. I am trying to stay positive but being in constant discomfort is killing my mentally.

Personally I think photos help more then words so if that would help you help me I have some no questions asked, so if you think you can honestly help, get in contact with me please.

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Make sure you pull your foreskin back, every day, clean with soap, rinse and dry well. You could use a gentle moisturizer on the head of your penis to help with the dryness.


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