enlarged prostate bladders problems

I have enlarged prostate which ultra sound shows it expanding , into bladder. When i urinnate i have to go two to three times to get relief,which can take up to 10 to 15 minutes, looking for advice .

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  • That is awful. I hope you get help.

  • Have you had any further investigation? If it is purely an enlarged prostate then I would have thought the least that could have been done was to try to shrink it with drugs. It's not good if you are retaining urine but this would have been shown on the US scan. Go back and get a clear prognosis as you can't go on like this. Good luck.

  • It sounds like you need to be on treatment to help. There are various drugs that should help

  • Talk with a urologist. As well as drugs there are procedures that can cut out the inside of the prostate to re-open the urethra and make you able to urinate properly again.

  • You can try a herbal medicine called diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. The herbs in this pill can provide good effect to reduce the frequent urination. My husband have tried this pill, and it cured his prostatitis fully. It can also used to treat enlarged prostate. Hope it helps.

  • Hi judy001, I am a lady with overactive bladder. Do you know if this product helps with female waterworks also? Thanks

  • Sorry, I don't know if it can be used to cure overactive bladder, but I know it can treat uti and cystitis. Hope you can find a way to resolve your problem.

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