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Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack

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Heart-attack v angina?


I had a massive MI 2015... stented @ widowmaker induced coma..permanent damage to the left side of heart.

I am so confused.. since I have no memory before or after my MI; I dont really know what a heart attack feels like. I have & continue to have very scary heart pain.. I was told it was angina. How can I tell the difference between heart attack & angina? Are they equally deadly? I always thought angina was like a fake heart attack and will pass..not too really worry about since symptoms pass& I’m not dead!

So, how do I know which is which and when shud I worry .. nitro works ( sometimes-& length of time varies as well)..don’t want to over react.. even when I went to ER they made me feel like I was there for no real reason..so I stopped even thinking about ever going there again.. just more money I don’t have.. some advice plz??

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Hi I’m sorry to hear if your plight. I was same as you but in July 2016. I get aches and pains and worry all time. But so far told it’s not angina either. I had 30mins CPR so may be aches from that.

However my experience from A&E Totallydifferent when I went there. They really helpful & understanding every time I went & made me feel very comfortable.

I of course worry when execercjng if I’m experiencing agina or not, but have stopped going to A&E to try and get over it. But I worry nonetheless

Try and get help from your GP

take care


Ha 1 1/2 years ago

Couldn't take usual tabs - caused readings to go low

So ooo had lots of heart pain quite consistently

Cardiac nurse said wasn't Angina because u only get it l on exertion

So did Dr. On one occasion had ten days continuous pain

Rehab pre assessment nurse responded

But that's UNSTABLE Angina which is more serious!! I knew my hospital review was due in ten days. He said same but doubled my one tab am and pm

Result - pain gone!!

Soo I use spray but only when able to lie as my BP goes too low.

Other thing is any stress brings it on big time even when I'm not aware of stress.

You need to practise keeping calm. I'm a calm person to start with but I have to be much more deliberate to avoid people places events that aren't calm.

This is an ok way to live

I believe in it as I'm a Christian. I now have to just state my needs when a situation presents itself

Hope there is some help here God bless

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