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Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Energy Loss

Hi All, It would be interesting to know how some of you are after your HA/CA as I am 2 years+ and have found my energy levels nothing like I used to be and it started from recovery and over the 2 year period I have been on 2.5mg Bisoprolol for 18mths came off for 7mths but felt worse and now back on 10mg propranolol which is better but still confused as to why with stents doing a better flow than before and the heart was not damaged as told.

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Are you exercising??? you don't say. I found that I was immediately weak. and was told to walk every day. So I did. Now 6 years on I am fitter than ever. I run, cycle, gm, walk long distances.


Hi and yes I do but I have found the energy I had for my sport activities are not anywhere near as they used to be, Swimming once a week, five a side football once a week, golf 1-2 times a week walking, where as now I swim once a week but for 15 mins not 30 as before, stopped five a side for now ! as that was where I had my HA/CA, and golf once a week but in a buggy just cant walk 18, NOW< looking to try walking 9, I do a 30 min brisk walk most mornings unless I am doing one of the other mentioned, however on all that I try to do my muscle's seem to lack regaining energy as before and left feeling the next day tired out. As mentioned had previous blood tests that have all been okay and awaiting MRI scan results but don't think that will be the cause !, so I have believed it is a chemical unbalance somewhere but yet to find, meanwhile very frustrating from what I was. I am a young 66 that has always loved my sport so do not believe age is against me but do get told body chemistry may have after my HA/CA. There you have it.


Yes it could be medication related then. Personally, I am fitter now than I was running marathons 40 years ago. Not as fast but all round fitter. I am 65 so not far from your age. I would get doctors to let you kick each drug for a while to see if you can find the culprit. No heart damage also. Could just be that it has hit you in a way that it didnt me and it emanates in tiredness the day after exercise. Who knows how the body reacts after that going on. Good luck my friend. Where are you by the way.


Brentwood, Essex, and good to hear you are doing well I'll look forward to that bit before I do get old. :-)


Following my surviving cardiac arrest, my energy has been crap. I'm a little over 4½ years post event. In my case I sustained anoxic brain injury which greatly impacts energy levels, among quite a few other things - loss of 95% of my executive function and oral communications don't work very well when spoken to me and to a degree my oral communication skills at times when I'm fatigued get a bit crappy.

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