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Hi this is my first post. I had a heart attack 11 years ago and have been fine since apart from high blood pressure. I am 50 now and have recently been told that my blood pressure is very high and I may need medication for life. I have felt very wound up and stressed the last couple of days so decided to try beetroot juice to see if it lowers blood pressure and I am amazed at the result. I suddenly feel really chilled and relaxed and can't believe how fast it worked. I didn't really like the taste but if it makes me feel like this I'll have it every day without fail. i am due to see the doctor again in 2 weeks and I'm hoping he'll be amazed too (hoping my blood pressure will be much lower). I hope this helps someone else in the same situation :-)

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  • Why simply hope on your blood pressure ? Get a simple wrist blood pressure monitor from most chemists for about £10 and keep a track of it. You'll be amazed at how much it varies, including for some people rising quite considerably when they visit their GP (known as "white coat syndrome" :-)

  • I didn't know about those monitors - I'll certainly get one - thank you :-)

  • You'll soon find it essential. Rather than take Ramapril (or similar) every day for life, you'll be able to just take it when your BP is actually too high. This cuts down on your drug use and you often discover what triggers your BP being high in the first place.

  • Yes - it's quite a scary thing and I'm starting to worry about it, though strangely enough I'm more worried about having a stroke rather than another heart attack, not sure why, but if I know on a daily basis if it's high then at least I can hopefully do something about it, so yes, I think it is essential too

  • Stroke and heart attack are really the same thing just in different places so its right to worry about both. I've certainly taken my own heart attack as my body's way of telling me to look after all of it MUCH better. I have various drugs to take each morning (beta blockers, warfarin, etc) and just measure my BP at the same time every day so it's easy to track if something is changing. This in turn makes me work harder on removing the cause of the high BP and nowadays I take maybe 1 or 2 Ramaprils a month, whereas it was daily at the beginning.

  • Jacbat...I have had bp as high as 200/100 and sometimes higher... My cardiologist tried 7 different combos and could not get it down....then one day he tried Minoxidil...5 mg 2 times a day.....not only is my bp under control but I was almost bald and it grew a full bush head of hair...what was there before was grey to white and now it is turning black..

    Now my barber wants to charge me double as I take up more time in his chair....

    True story...

    Also I have been told to take my bp twice a day so I bought 2 bp machines for less than $80... I check am and pm and you should do it also.. Luck...but try the minoxidil... a full head of dark hair attracks the ladies...I am 77 and will probably die of over exertion but what better way to go?? fish 61

  • Glad to hear they've sorted you out and the medication is working for you :-)

  • Thank you for sharing! I can sympathise with the blood pressure. Hope you are doing well xx

  • Well thankfully it has been a great couple of lovely sunny, autumn days so been out walking in the hills enjoying the beautiful colours this time of year. Fresh air and exercise - just hope this weather continues - very good for the heart. Unbelievably warm today too - 18 degrees !!

    I'm still taking the beetroot juice too - it's a bit yucky but it has to be done - feeling calm :-)

  • Hi, I went for my blood pressure check the other day and the nurse told me that cayenne pepper is great for enlarging the blood vessels so that's now on my daily list of things to include. It's quite hot so don't need much, so far I'm enjoying it :-)

  • I had a heart attack eight years ago at the age of 62 and went on to have a triple bypass. I had high blood pressure when I went in and it hasn't gone away, I take Ramipril, Amlodipine, Ivabradine and Furosemide all to control it. My current levels are near perfect. I have contemplated the beetroot juice and tried it and since I am diabetic on insulin it makes my blood sugars rocket, so not for me.

    High blood pressure was one of the causes of my heart attack but diabetes was another factor. I was left with a Left Ventricular Dysfunction after the op so there are still some pumping problems.

    I do have my own blood pressure monitor since I am one of those who suffer with "White Coat Syndrome" so find it more reliable to check my own in my own environment. I invested in a machine that records readings and also shows "Irregular Heartbeats" which I inform my GP of when it happens.

    Some have mentioned their fear of Strokes and I number myself amongst them and will stick to the drug regime to help avoid that. Got the T Shirt on heart attacks now

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