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Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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can anyone shed any light?

My father is 47 years old and currently under sedation after 5 unexplained cardiac arrest's throughout Wednesday. Doctors have attempted to bring him out of sedation 3 times since Thursday evening however he has experienced further distress and has been sedated again. it has been nearly 3 days now and he is showing no signs of recovery. before this he was generally a very healthy man and had no previous problems with his heart.

what are the survival rates after so long?

thank you to anyone in advance that can help me understand this better.

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Hi, I’m sorry to hear that, and hope he recovers soon.

I’m not a doctor & clearly don’t know your father’s history. However if it helps, I was 46 when July 2016 I suffered 2 cardiac arrests out cycling. I was in the middle of the countryside so miles from help. A complete shock, I have always lived a fit & healthy lifestyle & had been cycling 150-200 miles per week.

Anyhow after 25 mins CPR an air ambulance was with me & took me to Bristol’s heart unit, I was also sedated & put in a coma for 4 days,

I survived , I have a stent & im now doing reasonably well.

So keep positive & support your mum? Family? Your father will appreciate it. If like me the shock of the event is substantial- I needed anxiety support for some time.

Take care


My husband was in a medically induced coma for four days after a cardiac arrest, like your dad they tried to bring him round then had to put him under again. When he did come round they put him under again for a "rest". Don't worry he will get there. It's very scary and each person reacts in a different way. Be ready for the iTu psychosis when he comes round, they think they have been abducted by aliens. Stay strong he and your family need each other


sorry to hear about your father but you must be strong and think positive


Truth is I had 6 cardiac arrests they told my partner they had no idea why

I was awakened from an induced coma and lived 12 months on I'm still here

Keep your chin up and hold his hand


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