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Hi all

I wrote back in October about my HA while in Spain. I have been fine, went back to work 3 weeks after it all. Eventually got to see a cardiologist two weeks ago - yes that's right nearly 6 mths after it happened!!!!! Said everything is fine and doesn't need to see me again.

I don't know know what's happened really - think I have suddenly realised I've had a HA and its sent me into a bit of a panic/ depression. I'm sure this is normal. I'm going on holiday in 2 weeks to Portugal and I'm really worried it will happen again - it's driving my husband crazy ha ha X

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  • Hi Silver1, You've done really well to have gone back to work in 3 weeks, and good news from your cardiologist. Such a long time to wait to see him though. Do you have a cardiac nurse or similar assigned to you? I was discharged from my cardiologist 9 months after my heart attack, but I also had to have second stent put in 4 months after HA. I still have annual check ups with my cardiac nurse though.

    Mine was in september 2014 and I still have panics sometimes, I don't think it's something you ever forget, you just have to try and get on with things and not dwell on it I think. Easy said I know. I'm sure it is definitely normal to feel the way you are now.It's probably because it happened when you were on holiday before, it just brings it all back.

    Try not to worry,get on with your packing and have a lovely holiday.

  • Hi thank you. I've not been to any rehab as they forgot to refer me!!!! Not sure it's worth going now. I really appriciate you taking time to reply it really helps x

  • No you're not crazy I had my h/a Boxing Day and even tho I'm feeling much better I get moments when it hits me and I'm like whoa did it really happen to me?? I've just started rehab and it's great talking to others in the same boat cos unless it's happened to you you can't fully understand. Good luck x

  • Thank you so much for taking time to reply it really helps knowing you are not alone. X

  • You have done amazingly well especially considering lack of contact with medical profession.

    I would recommend rehab, as although everyone has a different situation it really helps to talk & spend time with others.

    I too was signed off after 1st consultation with cardiologist- crazy we had so many questions but could only see him for 10mins!

    I'm very lucky & have private health through work & started to see same cardiologist. So much better understanding now & increasing confidence- I've have had two stress tests, the last for 15mins. He gave me all clear for ski holiday, ok couldn't do as much, the beta blockers make me tired & still get anxious but was fab to see my 2 sons (only 8 & 11) ski.

    I almost died having had a CA miles from anywhere out cycling. Always lived fit and healthy lifestyle so I feel both cheated & anxious. The anxiety ebbs away, I aatended CBT therapy, if nothing else I recommend it for the chance to open up & spill your feelings.

    Take care


  • Thank you. I waiting for rehab app now. Will see how it goes x

  • Good to hear you are going to go to rehab. I had my HA at the end of November and am in week 4 of the 8 week rehab programme. It has been a very useful and interesting programme. There is no way I could have gone to work 3 weeks after my HA. The realisation of what had happened didn't hit me until week 4 and I just burst into tears with little warning about once a day for a week. That soon passed but having a HA is a manor event and takes time to come to terms with. I hope you get good benefit from your rehab too.

  • Thank you x

  • Why did we all have heart attacks ?. No one seems to be interested in this question. Getting back to our life seems the priority and yet its our life that gave us the heart attack.

  • I do believe getting my life back is my priority and why I had a heart attack is likely to be the same reason my mother, her mother and most if her siblings did...seems to be a common occurrence in my family.

  • I do not agree with the family connection point of view except in the sense that our fathers, grandfathers etc probably had the same awful westernized lifestyle that we do. If you take the pills. do the rehab but return to your life you are setting the scene for a second heart attack and who knows maybe the final one. Taking control is important both physically and mentally. You must find out all you can about current theories on heart disease and the research behind them. When you do this you will not only feel better but you will realise that our doctors and cardio's are not telling us the truth or at least the whole picture.

  • You don't agree with the family connection? Since when did we not have genetic leaning towards certain diseases...cad being one of them?

  • Genetic leaning is only a leaning. Expression of those genes is under our control in the majority of cases where there is a genetic disposition to a disease. For example there are attempts to connect APOE gene to heart disease although the link tends to be derived through your ability to clear cholesterol. This is only likely to be a problem if you add to the inflamation that causes the oxidisation of LDL. In other words your genes are not solely responsible. A good analogy is that genes load the gun but your lifestyle, diet etc will pull the triggger.

  • I'm inclined to agree with the challenge why?

    I had NO trigger factors at all not even family history. My arteries are pristine yet a plaque ruptured & blood clotted. I had OHCA & almost died as was miles in countryside on my bike.

    I have so much contraction in advice! I'm lucky & see cardiologist privately but little he can do as I'm healthy for now but his advice changes when I challenge points. E.g at first he said ok excercise but to point where can't hold a conversation but then I challenged his diagnosis that my heart undamaged & arteries clear so why can't I return to harder excercise one day & he just changed advice on the spot & agreed!

    So I don't believe they have a clue. Look at dietary advice, changes every week. Now full fat cheese is ok according to University of Dublin!

  • There seems to be a contradiction, your arteries cannot be pristine if you have plaque and the type of plaque that is unstable and susceptible to rupture. I am inclined to think that the sheer stress on artery walls caused by rapid blood flow during excessive exercise contributes to arterial damage and hence plaque build up. Evidence supports the idea that no exercise is bad, some exercise is good but then excessive exercise is also bad.

  • Yes with had those discussions. He claims all of us Middle Ages folks will have some plaque - he described it as little islands of plaque, rather than build up narrowing the arteries, they sit in the wall of the artery. But for some reason one becomes vulnerable and ruptures. Possibly high end exercise, stress connection less proven though again lots of emerging research about how stress affects plaque production I.e. Not just bad life style choices.

    He said anyone, including him (a mid forties marathon runner) would have some plaque by middle age. A fact of western life! He said only Inuits are free but last week of course we learnt about a tribe in Bolivian forest arecompletely free.

    I challenged him & said in theory we all have CHD by his definition.

    I've seen the imagery & my arteries are now clear.

    Ps I've never smoked, never really eaten junck food, hardly ever much red meat, & generally a Mediterraneandiet since my early 20s.

    So it's all very confusing really

  • What about Sugar, how glycemic was your diet. Did you eat bread, pasta, white rice etc ?

  • Yes I ate those items. Never added sugar to anything,no sugary drinks & never really liked sweets.

    Blood sugar tests over years been fine. Recent blood count optimumOn all measures

  • May I ask one more question. What was your weight when you were 20 years old and what is your weight and age now ?.

  • Almost identical,around 66-70 kilos depending. Never really changed,I'm 5'7''. As said I've excercised & eaten healthy all my adult life

  • By the way you said you are off to Portugal. Great opportunity to look at how the real Portugese live and eat. They are 3rd or 4th bottom of the heart disease league table. It wont take you long to figure out why.

  • I am originally from Portugal, but I have been in the UK for 28 years (ex wife is British...). Lifestyle in Portugal is changing, I now can see fast food restaurants everywhere and I think that future for the younger generations does not look so good. But the Portuguese still have an obsession with fresh fish and they do eat a lot more fresh vegetables and fruit than the UK. And obviously vitamin D deficiency is not so much of a issue :)

  • Hi Joao, I spend a lot of time in Tavira on the Algrave and the restaurants and diet there is still tending towards traditional. All the ingredients you mention. You can also get all the more important blood tests that your doctor wont even mention, a lot cheaper in Portugal. What a wonderful country it is.

  • It is I love Portugal. We are going to Alvor so looking forward to the peace and quiet of this lovely little village and the amazing food x

  • I know exactly how you feel, I was initially dealing with the fact that I had a HA pretty well until 5 months later I when started feeling unwell and then needed another stent despite all my tests results being excellent, cardio rehab and lifestyle changes! Since August last year (2nd stent) life has been an emotional roller coaster and anxiety and depression has been very difficult to cope with, I am trying CBT again to see if things improve.

    I am also traveling to Portugal too in a week's time for holidays and see my family (I am originally from Portugal), I am also feeling nervous about traveling and being away from home, and I was a nervous wreck during my last 2 business trips. While I am in Lisbon I am taking the opportunity to have a consultation with a local Cardiologist for a second opinion (someone that does not work for the NHS and follows the NICE guidelines...).

    I hope that you enjoy you holidays

  • Thank you x

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