To fly ...or not to fly, that is the question

Hi everyone. I'm 3 months on from my h/a and 2 emergency stents. The husband is thinking of us taking a holiday before he starts a new job in April. So end of march he's wanting to plan a holiday somewhere warm, i.e. Not the UK....what's the general feeling about flying, pressurised cabin, no immediate medical assistance etc Rehab have told me to avoid swimming because the water pressure I'm somewhat leery about cabin pressure ....any thoughts?

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  • Ask your GP get a definitive medically accurate opinion. Good luck.

  • Hi, I was in this predicament a couple of weeks ago. I just turned 60 yrs old July 2016. Had a heart attack and 4 emergency stents 29 October 2016. Got a call on 23rd December 2016 to say my brother was seriously ill and was probably not going to survive long (nothing to do with the heart by the way). Another lead pipe on the back of the head I never saw coming.

    I worried about flying but nevertheless got on the next available flights (DXB-DOH) (DOH-MAN) to try and get to see him one last time (sadly he died before I got there). I had no problems whatsoever on the flights and return flights (in fact forgot about the stents completely) and don't really see what I was worried about, other than this strange general sense I am fighting of not wanting to put myself in any kind of perceived danger. I have a general feeling of vulnerability I never had before. Just before my heart attack I had flown back from Tokyo to Dubai. The way I see it is that four of my arteries have been opened up since then so I should be in a better position than before actually, i.e. better able to deal with the reduced oxygen.

    I would say fly but please do check with your cardiologist as everybody's case must be slightly different!

    Hope this helps.

  • Yes, that's exactly it, that general feeling of vulnerability and not wanting to put myself in any perceived danger. That said, i don't want to 'do nothing- just in case' and wrap myself in cotton's a dilemma.

  • Hello

    Your first issue is with insurance , you must declare your HA ,don t listen to anybody who tells you any different .

    Should you have an issue and have not told the insurance company you will not be covered.

    That said I would not consider long haul , the pressure will effect you . And if possible consider EU counties where with an EHIC card will treat you in an emergency. If you do not have a card get one online , simple and free.

    If you are considering March , Cyprus would be good , I live here !!! . Also avoid high humidify .

    Just for you comfort , I had my first HA at 38, the most recent 4 months ago here in Cyprus where I received excellent care and I still am in a public hospital

    I hope you continue to recover well and enjoy your holiday.

    My Regards


  • Hi Kerry

    I bet you love Cyprus :-)

    Wow first HA at 38! I was struggling with coming to terms with one at 46.

    You mention another, may I ask how long later?

    It's my biggest fear now, whilst I know I've had MOT & probably better than before I can't shift this feeling any more :-(.

    I actually had a cardiac arrest out cycling in middle of no where. Never smoked, ate healthily etc. Cardiologist described my arteries as "prestige" which whilst reassuring makes me feel even more cheated.

    Take care.


  • First at 38 then40 , did the usual of taking better care of myself for 18 months !!! Never smoked drink very little , family history. Then went to 65 Ha and arrest in Doha brought back twice. Came to Cyprus on advice of cardiologist to recover , had the most recent one August 2016 , doing fine .Nobody said it had to be fair 😎 Now 66 and counting.

    The cardiac care has improved tremendously over the years .

    Let me know where you de ended to go


    Good luck

  • Wow thanks and good luck.

    At least I guess you are now retired and can choose to live elsewhere.

    Take care.

  • Thank Kerryy. I had checked the insurance situation and was pleasantly surprised, I can get a good rated policy for me and my husband...with everything declared for a year for £124. You're right though I was thinking Europe and as short as possible....then saw the weather reports of Italy and Greece just recently...snow...brrrrr lol😅

  • Hi Best to be guided by your Dr

  • Yeah, I think you're right. It just feels like I'm taking up time unnecessarily just to ask that question....I'll have to roll it up with other 'stuff' 😉

  • I flew to Spain ten days after my heart attack and stents. Have been four times since and was fine. Good luck, the sun will be great for you.

  • I suggest you check with the re hab unit, also before booking check that you can get insurance at a reasonable price.

    I tried to get insurance 18 months after my 2 hearts attacks to Jamaica, I was quoted a variety of prices...most being £4000.....from stay sure, my bank insurance would not cover me. I eventually got it down to £ 260 for 10 days with SAGA...

    Good luck, certainly take what ever opportunities you can, life is too short. I did not experience any pressure, or anything untoward, I made sure I wore flight socks and kept walking about, drank plenty of water...

    Jenny go and get some sunshine.

  • Hi Rotty15

    I had a heart attack in september 2014 and was able to fly and cruise by Nov 2014. Had to have the heart scan before being told by specialist I was safe to go. No problems. I was nervous of going but it was a big family holiday,long planned. And to be honest I was just as nervous when I got home again. Still am 2 years later really,but like you said you can't wrap yourself in cotton wool forever. Hope you manage to have your holiday.Have you asked your gp/specialist about it?

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