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Hi I was rushed to hospital on 10th March. At 43 didn't think I was having a heart attack. The medics and staff were great, from 1st phone call to having a stent put in and into recovery was all under 2 hrs. After 4 days in hospital I was released home. From the 2nd day in I have been up and walking about, however now my mortality is coming into doubt. The panic attacks over slight twinge in my chest area are causing sleepless nights. I have been told by one doctor that they caught it and there should be no further issues and she doesn't expect me to need my spray.

Before my event I was 20 a day with type2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Gone complete cold turkey with the fags and blood pressure has dropped significantly. Start my rehab in a weeks time. Sorry for the sampling but just needed to vent


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  • So glad you're okay :) and sorry to hear your mortality has started to worry you but I guess things like that just shock us into realising stuff. I haven't had a heart condition yet but I know something isn't quite right. And it has not been diagnosed to atleast you have been seen to and they are aware of it all :)

    Dropping the fags is so hard! My husband stopped smoking through vaping and he was so addicted he had patches and everything and he just couldn't knock the habit. He switched to vapes with nicotine in and then less and less.

    Take care :)

  • Hi Gellybean90

    Why do you think you might have a heart condition? Hopefully you have been to your gp about your symptoms?

  • Take care we've all been through it. I had anxiety support & it really helped.

    I had out of hospital cardiac arrest whilst cycling. My mate saved my life but even then less than 10% survive, so had massive doubts over mortality & life expectancy. Swear I suffered PTS for a while too.

    Take care

  • Hi Steph746

    Like you I was treated very quickly. I had my attack at 7.45pm and stent fitted and recovering on the ward by 10.30pm.(60 miles away) Home 2 days later. Couldn't fault anybody from paramedics, nurses and doctors. Feeling very lucky. Mine was over 2 years ago. I still have panics after all this time, but I think you kind of get used to it. I've never used my spray but always have it with me. It's like a security blanket to me. I too was told the problems fixed so should be fine. We just have to try not to obsess about it I think, and appreciate that we're still here. Hope you're feeling better about it all soon. I didn't attend rehab but I've read that it's a great help to many. Good luck x

  • hang in there. we all felt the same at the beginning. Try to relax and start walking breath in clean air and enjoy spring.

  • Yes, going through this experience is shocking and the after the fact anxiety , worry and concerns are real. For me I make it ok to have those feelings. Why wouldn't I feel that way and then just deal with it one hour at a time. The BIG thing I did that seemed to help the most was make it ok if I did die. I know that may seem counter intuitive and actually ridiculous as I really wanted to to live. What doing that did for me was to get rid of the anxiety about. I can't really explain how it works just that it did for me. The reason the anxiety occurs is because I was afraid of the unknown, so I took it to "what is it that I am afraid of happening" and then went through it in my mind - "What would happen if I did die". It was like letting the pressure or energy about it, out of it. I wish you peace and resolution for your situation.

  • That's a gear philosophy, I've had psychological support and generally I'm a lot less anxious.

    That's approach both psychologist & cardiologist told me. End of day none of us know what's around the corner, whether it's another HA or a bus runs us over!

    Most of time a similar 'be glad you're alive & enjoy it' approach works but I still get doubts as I still get chest wall and upper abdomen pain, they say muscular skeletal which makes sense after 25mins. CPR but really 8 months on?

    I reluctantly took myself to A&E last night, first time in 2 months. Kind of safety blanket but no one can explain my pains, or why they feel to be getting better then come back. Of course some are the anxiety too.

    Take care

  • Hi - I had my MI 10 years sgo now - 15 minutes of CPR and 5 shocks. I still suffer chest wall pain now. In my first year I visited A&E many times but gradually became more confident.

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