Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack


Hi. Checking in to say hello.

I had CHD which resulted in VSD OHS in 1966 at the age of 7. In 2013 I spent 3 months in hospital having a triple bypass. My lungs took a beating and I was on life-support for a week. 2014 I had further stents fitted into a collapsed circumflex graft following HAs.

A few hospital admissions in 2015 but since then, nothing. I get the odd stabbing pain but GTN deals with that.

I've always had a positive attitude and that has held me in good stead.

This year I am doing the 65 mile trek from London to Brighton, raising funds for the BHF and partially repaying a debt I owe to so many for saving my life

If you are reading this then you are a survivor, one of the lucky ones.

Take care all and look after your heart and your heart will look after you

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Wow incredible story, a real inspiration.

I'm intrigued to know about 'stabbing' pains. I had 25 mins of CPR 6 months back & still get all sorts of aches & pains. Often it feels like twinges or stabbing across left breast. Cardiologist tells me will take 6months+ to go, others on here seem to have all the time. I'm told my arteries are pristine & that the stents cleared a blood clot & no residual CHD. And general assumption is pain is muscular skeletal from CPR.

Still I worry regularly & even this weekend in risk walk agitated stabbing aches. Could have been the cold but there again I was out walking night before when very cold & had no issues at all.

My wife reckons anxiety driven because we walked round very large reservoir so it feels remote / long way from help! Who knows, all I know is it causes endless anxiety. When no aches & pains I feel like I'm returning to normal!

Any guidance appreciated. I'm see cardiologist again in couple of weeks so will raise again.

Take care


Hi. Thanks for the reply. CHD in my case stands for Conginital Heart Defect. I was born with a defective heart. I take it you are referring to CHD Coronary Heart Disease. (Why the same acronym beats me).

To be honest, I am not sure what causes the pain. I suspect it is plaque build up in the arteries and from time to time causes ischaemia. I use the GTN spray or tablet form to vasodilate the arteries allowing greater oxygenated blood through the cardiac system. Angina. It seems to work.

My weight and fitness has not helped which is why I have decided to walk to Brighton to help the BHF and myself.

I, like yourself, have an appointment with my cardiologist in 5 weeks time. I will have the usual ECG which other than an ectopic heart beat, shows nothing unusual. I will also have an echocardiogram to check cardiac output. I am hoping to score 55% or more. Cardiac output is the volume of blood in the left ventrical on the outset of systolic action less the amount remaining at the stat of diastole in terms of a percentage.

It can give indicators to leaking valves, post heart attack performance and show if the conductance circuit timing is ok plus many other indicators.

All of which can lead to pain.

I have had my sternum opened twice and the nerve endings took a beating, leaving my left breast numb and this contributes to chest pain.

Hope this helps

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Snap. I have had 2 sternum openings too. the second time was much more painful. I do not have a chest pain ever thank goodness. I have had leaky valves congenital. poo. rotten luck. I had a stroke which damagedmybrain which leaves me battling daily to function for a normal life. I am struggling to cope with caring for my lovely husband with Parkinson's and leery body dementia. not easy. there is not much help available thanks to government cuts.


The help these days is usually in the form of self-help groups. Once discharged you are left to your own devices.


SlimmingEagle , thank you for sharing your story,you inspire me , and i will try even harder to look after my heart , ,God Bless you and Good Luck with the 65 mile treck,xx

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