Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Symptoms before sudden cardiac arrest

Hi all, I'm a 38 yr old male who has quite a bit of myocardial fibrosis in my heart and I'm apparently at risk of sudden cardiac arrest. I'm currently having more tests done but there has been talk of an icd in the future. As you can imagine this is all quite a shock for me and I'm trying to get my head around it.

I have a million questions but I'll limit them to the most important. For those of you who have survived a sudden cardiac arrest:

1. Do you remember any warning sign symptoms beforehand? Bubbling in the chest, feeling that you were about to faint?

2. Did you know or find out subsequently that you have some fibrosis in your heart. If so, where was it?

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi Pikaia, I've had three very sudden cardiac arrests in the past 3 years & I had no warning whatsoever prior to any of those attacks. And no I've not got any fibrosis in my heart.


Thanks for the reply rogerctyler. My goodness 3 arrests in 3 years!


I've had a icd fitted and Nevis felt aswel n back t work fulltime 😁😁😁😁


Hi pikaia

I had a heart attack September 2014. A few weeks before I noticed I was exhausted when doing very little( had a very busy full time job which was very physical). Also woke up one morning with a pain that felt like I had pulled a muscle, but it seemed to run up the length of my throat and over towards my left shoulder. This eventually eased off. Earlier on the day of my attack I had an annoying ache in the centre of my ribs and really aching jaw on both sides, on and off. I didn't for one second consider any of these to be heart related as I was never ill, but they were early warning signs of an attack,which I had later on that night. Also the week before I had cramp in both feet which I just thought was odd.

Didn't notice any bubbling feeling and only felt faint after I'd come round from the attack.

Hope you are able to get your treatment soon.I'm female by the way, and from what I've read the jaw pain is seen more often in females than males.

Best wishes


I had 5 cardiac arrests all on the same day ,I was running for a train I rember my calf muscles felt very cramp like and a tingle then that was it


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