Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack

Heart attack recovery

Hi just a few words about myself I suffered a H/A back in Jan 2015 I had 1 stent fitted that day but required 2 more which they then tried in May 15 to my disappointment they couldn't get them in so this left me one very worried man.I went home later that day and my head was playing games over thinking worrying about the next step in my treatment this turned out to be a triple heart bypass on 17 Feb 2016 I was real worried to say the least but I had no choice I need the operation bad.I am now approaching the 1year mark and to be honest I feel good I was able to go back to my work 10 weeks after my operation so to anybody reading this yes it is a worrying time but talk to your family tell them how you feel and listen to their advice as they worry about you to.Take care onwards and upwards.P.S mine was family history I never smoked or drank.

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Wow I'm having a icd fitted Tues and il b off work 6 weeks so 10 weeks for u is really gd 👍👍👍

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