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Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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heart attack

well i had aheart attack in 2007.i had 2 stents put on the left side of my heart.

in 2009 i had an angina attack,was taken to the hospital,treated and released.

in 2013 i had another angina episode,kept in the hospital a few days then released.

in 2014 i had another angina attack,went into the hospital and they discovered that my enzymes were low .sent me for tests and determined i needed quadruple heart bypass surgery.without the surgery ,maybe a year to live.had the surgery,not my favorite event by far. survived it feeling better than i had before surgery.

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What is an angina attack ? I had ha 7 weeks ago. A week ago had two days of recurring pains about quarter strength of ha but intermittent as opposed to continuous. Last 5 days have regular short pain episodes - 10 secs every half hour! ! I thought this was angina but phone call to angina nurse said you only get angina with exertion? Went to Dr Who said that was true for those who haven't had ha but not if u had? ? Due my cardiologist follow up app in 4 days so hope to get some answers ?!?!

Hope you're enjoying an active life again. I'm trying to be patient ,sometimes unsuccessfully.


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