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Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack

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Feeling I'm going to have another attack


Hi I had a heart attack the last evening in November 16 and had 2 emergency stents fitted , been doing well then last night I started feeling unwell first the dry throat then feeling sick and numbness down my arm but no chest pain I took my angina spray and it seemed to ease but not go away fully , I went to bed and feel ok today , should I go to a&e to get checked or am I being stupid , is this normal or should I be worried ?

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No matter what if feel unwell and scared and worried please go and get checked out. Hope it is nothing but always better to get checked. Fingers crossed

Personally, I would see m GP. I went down yesterday. We can get an 'emergency ' appointment if we ring in the morning. My GP was brilliant giving me a mot that just put me at ease. I was getting very breathless, along with little pains and it was panicking me. She thinks one of my tablets need changing, but just nice to know everything was in order

Can you speak to your rehab team or the CCU nurses about it? it's always worth getting it checked out, even if it's just to satisfy yourself that all's ok. I've had more problems mentally with fear and worry than the 2 stents and actual ha I had (mine was in October) Sadly it seems to be absolutely normal to fret over every twinge. I worried myself into a right panic about pins and needles in my left arm...turns out I had tennis elbow!

Omg!! I have had exactly the same!! From being worry free about my health..... i am now a hypochondriac!!! Its sooo annoying....i had h/a in october.... and have made massive lifestyle changes....doctor says all is good... but when i get a twinge or feel funny... mind goes into overdrive!! So im pretty sure this is common.... hence risk is probably low and symptoms are most likely anxiety rather than heart related. However... never ever take chances....always seek medical advice from gp or a & e. Good luck.... take it easy.....xxx

I had triple bypass surgery and am told by my cardiologist that I am doing extremely well... however I have anxiety when I feel pain in my sternum which I get in the middle of the night if I'm sleeping in a position that puts pressure creating sternum pain.... I woke up a few nights ago in total panic I rushed to take 3 baby aspirins abndca Xanax... latex in bed in horror... the pain subsided and I fell asleep.... The constant fear is draining... Anyone else going through this?

After my ha....my husband would be standing beside our bed watching me by the hour. I would wake up in a panic because he scared me! It subsides with time, you are being perfectly normal. Hang in there, it will get better.


Wendy2253 Since a quad bypass failed a year ago and now 4 stents i am thankful to be alive.Emotionally i (different for all) and to mention my husband has stents same feelings....blood thinners and new routine has thrown us both for a loop.Heart checks out(get it checked by your doc to make sure, no questions is stupid!)...we wake up in pain,, tachycardias, fatigue,panic attacks possibly due to meds, diet and combo but none before the surgeries.What you feel mentally is real.Everything goes thru the brain doesn't it.Hang in there, seek good advice from professionals mentally and physically.Join a group of heart patients/disabilities etc if that may help.Write down your fears on one side of paper and other side why you think this.

It helps to see what may be logical.best wishes

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