Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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what to do and feel directly after a heart attack?

Hi, again!

If youve read my other posts you will know im not a run of the mill heart problem person, heart damage with clear arteries ie vascular spasms that squease my arteries and stop or slow down blood supply to anything down stream, they stop squeased for 20 to 40 min and it can happen anywhere in or on my body.

Well ive taken the next step and had one maybe two heart attacks in a week, about 16 days ago. Basically the secound one couldnt be given because it was too close to the first and therefore the high trops could have been a reflection or continuation of the first one? The emergency doctors thought it was another heart attack but the cardiologist had problems because inbetween the two I had a clear angiogram and this confussed the poor bugger! Yesterdays belief that you have to have a blockage to have an heart attack.

Anyway my question, Im not that active because of the vascular spasms because it can induce a spasm but lve had all this mopping arround! lve had little walks to the top of the garden and around the house which takes me to the starting to breath deep stage, should l be doing more? my secound time around cardio rehab first appointment, which will be interesting, isnt until the 22nd.

Also a question to you who have had one, how did your bodies muscles feel? mine feel as if lve run a marathon (some hope of that) and at night as l try to go to sleep as if they are starting to cramp?

the doctor did say that because l was already on good heart tablets it stopped the heart attacks from being more life threatening! and the A&E registra told me off for not going in earlier!

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you are going to feel like you hit a bus. You just had 2 heart attacks. I was told to start walking immediately. I did this but could only manage about half a mile. I continued in the days and weeks after getting further and further. Now 4 years on I can walk for hours and up and down mountains. What did your cardiologist say to do?????? You will enjoy the rehab and during the exercise phase they will be watching you and the others all the time even if you don't notice.


Hi, Almost every 3 months for the last 4 years lve been having an heart event and id already got some damage but this as taken the damage further! Nothing can be done about this except for keep trying different meds and im under the Royal Brompton and Harefield consultan Clinical Cardiologist for this, l dont however live near London (just the other side of Birmingham to it) so the day to day stuff is dealt with by my GP who as been missing for about a year? So it is left to the local hospitals to fill in the gaps but they have no or little knowledge surounding my condition?

You couldnt make this up could you!

And then after the first one I was transfered to another hospital for an angiogram because the minimum expectation was a stent but more likely bypass surgery, this is what they had told me. But! once again they said "no blockages" so l was dicharged from that hospital without any formalities. I was in for a grand total of 2.5 days well 8am Wednesday morning till 3pm Friday afternoon! like l keep saying, l confuse the poor buggers. Then two days later l may or maynot have had another? They kept me in overnight for that one, but l must admit it was my choice this time because what else was they going todo? and they were too big to contact London!


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