Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Having a few concerns

Hi all.

I was in the Emergency Department 2 days ago following my pulse racing to almost 200 beats per minute then dropped to 45 beats per minute.

My concern is that on arriving in ED they did an ECG which was by then normal as was a blood test.

I was told that the machine I have at home was a good guide but they needcto capture it doing it whilst there, the Dr did say that it is Arrhythmia but they need to catch it happening so back to the usual waiting game to see the Cardiologist to see whats next, already been waiting a month with no appointment following similar events but the events are getting more often truth guys I am actually really scared now because I dont know exactly what is likely ornot to happen during the event.

I guess I need some one to say everything's going to be fine, but my mother and father passed away some years ago, yes with heart failure 😔

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Hi . Go back to your g.p tell him what,s happening and about your mum and dad or if it gets worse go back to the e.d no matter what they say get it checked. Panicking will cause you more harm then good . I know its easy,er said then done but try to stay carm  while i was having my heart attack the paramedic,s at the time ran a number of ECG's at 1 time they said it was high the next said it was going down . But every bodys different so if you feel its not getting better get it checked.


RonniePR I have to agree with whst is written here by Daveyboy77. But I would be very forceful and insist on an appointment ASAP. Don't be fobbed off. They work for you font forget.



Has anyone suggested a holter monitor or an event monitor to you? They are cardiac monitors that stay on you for 24 hours up to 30 days. I had many ECG's that were always normal, but was actually going into V-tach and no one caught it. Both my parents and an older brother had or died from heart disease but no one felt me at high risk until I had a major heart attack with extensive damage to my heart. Now that the damage is done that's all I hear is how risk I am. My life has completely changed and had to stop working due to severe cardiomyopathy and heart failure. I now have a stent and an internal defibrillator, but at least I'm alive and very lucky to be.

Please check into these test and keep after your doctor or find a new one that will listen to you. It's your life and it's worth fighting for.

Good luck and please take care



You need to have a Halter monitor for a few days.   This monitors your pulse all day and all night.   There is something I wore years ago which I liked better.  All I remember is it said "King of hearts" on it, but what it did was every time you had an episode you would press a button and it would start recording like 15 seconds in the past and then another amount of time going forward.  Also, you could call a number and send the report over the phone, which was incredible.   Then they could immediately tell you whether you were having a rhythm which needed to be checked on right then or not to worry.   Maybe google it.  


Thanks Chaz

I have been under going pressure wire testing and on 5th May will be wearing a monitor for 2 weeks, have another version at the moment but only does 12 hour watch the one in May will be a 24hour ECG machine that I will wear for 2 weeks to start with as they are making sure before putting in a pace maker.

Can I say thankyou for your reply, I hope theese tests will be an end to the problem and they can put it right, just want to be able to do more again without the heart messing around so much.

It is either in Bradycardia or Arrhythmia both with missed beats....

Ronnie PR


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