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Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack

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My boyfriend's name is francis


He is gain 5 pounds in 3 days and his eyes look swollen he had a heart attack two months ago has been doing fine mostly but now I'm worried and he doesn't want me to take him to the doctor or the hospital he study does not feel real good and is a little out of breath I know what I should do and I probably will call but I would like then put from someone is going through this please

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Hi. I had two heart attacks this year, so I know how worrying it is for you both. After an attack it takes time for everything to settle down again. In my first few weeks I could barely walk a few steps without being totally breathless. Now I am walking for 2 hours at a time - practically at normal speed. If he is feeling chest pains then he should call for help - it is ok if nothing is really wrong. I called the paramedics many times in the first few weeks because of fear, anxiety and panic. If there is no reason not to, maybe he should be exercising every day - I mean small bouts of walking around. I think that maybe he was given advice about what he can do or not when he left hospital? Puffy eyes can be there for many reasons - not necessarily indicating a heart attack again. Maybe lack of sleep for example. If you are really worried about something call for help.

Take him to the doctors. Just do it.

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