Hello Fellow Survivors

Hello Fellow Survivors

I am Michael Gene Pearce, 47 months ago I suffered three heart attacks in three day finally my Wife, Angela dragged me to the hospital. Where I told the Doctor I can not be having a Heart Attack I am in the best shape of my adult life. he said, "That is why you can still talk and don't need oxygen yet." I am a Cardiologist this is my speciality. One hour later they loaded me in a Helicopter flew me 200 miles to Royal Jubilee Heart health unit for emergency surgery got four new stints three on the left, one top right. When I was on the Angio table they said I had 3- 90%. and 2- 70 % Blockages. I have lost a total of 110 pounds over a four-year period and now have been stable 188 pounds for the last two years. I have a word press blog called: MichaelsHealthAnswers.ca.

This is where I share about the Raw Protein that transformed my physical body and protected my heart muscle from permanent damage during my four hours I was in cardiac arrest over those three days in January of 2012.

I am a father of two, Grandfather of four, Happily married to Angela for twenty-eight years now.

I now take two prescriptions and a baby aspirin daily.

Average pulse is 65

Blood pressure around 65/120

I teach what I did on my BLog and in You-tube.

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  • How do I find your blog and you tube?

  • My Blog is michaelshealthanswers.ca/

    You-tube is youtube.com/user/MichaelHea...

    You can also Phone me at 12507036967

  • Hi, had my first (recorded) heart attack three weeks ago. Was accompanying my brother to HIS Doctors appointment, when it occurred. Now I HAVE Two StentS and on meds. I am a former boxer and marathon runner. My goal is 70lb. weight loss, and participation in one more marathon.

  • I used a Whey protein Isolate from Raw Cows Milk. it had Cardio-protective benefits and offers 13% improvement in Muscular performance, helped me lose 110 pounds over four years period. I have been under 190 for the last two years after topping out at 310#

    Michael, Getting to the Heart of the Matter!

    @ michaelshealthanswers.ca/.

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