Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Hello Fellow Survivors

Hello Fellow Survivors

I am Michael Gene Pearce, 47 months ago I suffered three heart attacks in three day finally my Wife, Angela dragged me to the hospital. Where I told the Doctor I can not be having a Heart Attack I am in the best shape of my adult life. he said, "That is why you can still talk and don't need oxygen yet." I am a Cardiologist this is my speciality. One hour later they loaded me in a Helicopter flew me 200 miles to Royal Jubilee Heart health unit for emergency surgery got four new stints three on the left, one top right. When I was on the Angio table they said I had 3- 90%. and 2- 70 % Blockages. I have lost a total of 110 pounds over a four-year period and now have been stable 188 pounds for the last two years. I have a word press blog called:

This is where I share about the Raw Protein that transformed my physical body and protected my heart muscle from permanent damage during my four hours I was in cardiac arrest over those three days in January of 2012.

I am a father of two, Grandfather of four, Happily married to Angela for twenty-eight years now.

I now take two prescriptions and a baby aspirin daily.

Average pulse is 65

Blood pressure around 65/120

I teach what I did on my BLog and in You-tube.

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How do I find your blog and you tube?


My Blog is

You-tube is

You can also Phone me at 12507036967


Hi, had my first (recorded) heart attack three weeks ago. Was accompanying my brother to HIS Doctors appointment, when it occurred. Now I HAVE Two StentS and on meds. I am a former boxer and marathon runner. My goal is 70lb. weight loss, and participation in one more marathon.

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I used a Whey protein Isolate from Raw Cows Milk. it had Cardio-protective benefits and offers 13% improvement in Muscular performance, helped me lose 110 pounds over four years period. I have been under 190 for the last two years after topping out at 310#

Michael, Getting to the Heart of the Matter!



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